Friday, December 1, 2017

Just Write

Today is Tatay and Nanay's Wedding Anniversary.  Growing up, it's our family tradition to go out on a "nice" dinner as a family to celebrate this special occasion.  After dinner, we go to COD to watch the  Christmas Show.  Dec. 1 is not only an anniversary ... it's also the start of the Christmas celebration with the Estrellas' at 491-D :)  This is the day when we put our Christmas Tree up.  Oh I love reminiscing these fun memories ...

JUST WRITE.   That's my title for this post because I am coaching myself to just write .... write even if sometimes I don't feel like to (which is not really "I don't feel like to" but more of "I think I have other important things to do than write on my online journal" .... Ahhhh, just write. And so I did.

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