Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Because Writing Is A Great Way to Clear My Mind

Oh hello Liza's Eyeview Blog. It's nice to be here again.  I am back to do what I used to do.  That is to write freely and swiftly to clear my mind or at least sort the stuff that's in my mind.

So many things have happened in the past few weeks.  Mom (my mother-in-law) Donna passed away.  Brad and I flew to Connecticut. Attended her beautiful memorial service. Spent time with family and friends. It was a good visit. Mom is now at rest peacefully.

Now back to Maui.

Need to catch up on work.  And housework. And Projects.

As much as I love my Aunty Pineapple Persona I had to send her on hibernation status.  Because I need to find time to do the things I need to do (and not just the enjoy doing).

I need to eat healthy.  Wait. Need to re-construct that sentence.  Postive mindset, remember?  OK, I will now eat healthy; starting today.

I also will exercise. Start walking again tomorrow.  Maybe run a little bit.

I left my Bible a couple weeks ago at Hope Chapel. I still have not gotten it back.  It's my most favorite Bible. Must call tomorrow their office tomorrow.

Miss my family in the Philippines. Hoping to be able to visit early next year.

OK. I'm stopping here for now.

Don't want to make writing here stressful.

This is my mental break.

Will be back.

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