Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vision and Goals

Girlfriends and I did a "Vision Board" back in December 2015 to get ready for the New Year 2016.

It took me a while to finish mine. I did a vision booklet instead of a board.  Actually it's not fully done yet, but it's getting there.

I often browse through the book ... making sure that what I do each day is in line with the vision and goals I have put together in there.

But here's the thing ....

I only have 24 hours each day, with limited resources.  I have been realizing that accomplishing all my goals is just not  going to happen ... or not going to happen quickly. OK, let me change that mindset right now. It's going to happen, maybe not as quickly but it will.  That's why it's called "vision", right?

Why can't they be all done or all accomplished quickly? Because there's conflict. There's always conflict somewhere.  Conflict in schedule. Spend time with family? spend time with friends? Spend time in work to earn a "living", Spend time on exercising because its important for my health...  Another thing, "budget" (for example I want to go see some shows and spend time with family or friends, but the buying a ticket for a show is not in our tight budget. It's a luxury we can't afford at this time).

I constantly have to choose among good things ... several good things on my plate but I can't do them all...

Today some of the choices are: 1) walk or write (write won)  2) Late morning: Go hiking with girlfriends (sounds so much fun! at Ioa Valley!); attend baptism with church family at Kam  III Beach (it's always great to support those who are getting baptized); spend one-on-one time with the hubby who is recovering from a surgery (he is fine and can actually go out and drive so it's not like we're stuck at home); de-clutter my house (it's overdue for de-cluttering

Back to the vision board. I think, even though I can't do all of them,  it still helps me. It pushes me to accomplish what otherwise I would just say "I can't"..... for example, writing (blogging).  I had been blogging more this year. Like what I am doing right now.  It's a good thing.

Now, because I had been writing more in the morning, I also had been walking/running less. I'd tell myself I'd just run midday or in the afternoon but that does not happen.  Hmm... here we go again.

The truth is, in life we have to constantly make choices.  We can't have them all.  We have to seek that which we are called to do and that which we are made to accomplish. And by seeking that and knowing that, then we can have at peace in doing some things and not feel guilty about not being able to do all things.

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