Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spending Time With God

Francis Chan, in one of his videos I watched, said that the most important thing is his life is spending that time alone with God, reading His Words in the Bible, then praying, listening to what God has to say through prayers.  I agree with Francis.  That is indeed the most important things to me. However, so many times my action does not reflect my belief.  I do believe that the most important thing for me to do daily is to find a quiet place and spend time alone with God, and yet I don't do it on a daily basis.  I can try to  justify by saying that I pray all throughout the day, in my mind, but that's bogus.  Seriously, I need to carve a time, schedule an appointment, schedule that important meeting with God and myself, daily.  That's where my strength and wisdom will come from....

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