Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Waikapu Gardens House For Sale 2013

Yes, that's our house in Waikapu Gardens Subdivision.  We bought it new in 2007. At that time I was still working for Spencer Homes.  My reason for buying this house is that I want to retire there someday.  I thought it will be a perfect home for me when I get old.

But then we realized, we (our family) are "Kihei people". We like living in this warmer part of Maui.   We like living close to Keawakapu Beach because that our dog Sonny's favorite beach.  And so we put this beautiful house on the market today.

The house plan is called Model 3. It used to be called Model C back when we were developing and building Piilani Village II and III.  It was a very popular model, always in demand and the first to sell whenever it becomes available.  That is why I think it will sell fast. There are many reasons why I think it will sell fast but the house lay-out itself is a big reason. It really was the favorite. And there is nothing in the market right now on this model.  I doubt it if there will be one soon.

We purchased this house in 2007 and we only have had 2 tenants.  The first tenant who occupied the house worked for the Air Force.   She was assigned to Maui (lucky her) and she brought her family here.  The were the perfect tenants! They took care of our property so well.  In the 3 years that they rented from us, their payment are always on time and we never heard a problem from them.  The only reason they moved out is because she was re-assigned back to the mainland.  They left the house is a very good condition, ready for the next tenant to move in.  The next tenants are great as well.  They were like the first one. I know... we are lucky to have responsible tenants!  The house is still occupied so please do not disturb them.  If you are interested to buy this house, please call our Realtor, Renona Barrozo - 357-1844.  Please, serious inquiries only. Let your realtor contact our realtor. And if you don't have a realtor, I highly recommend you talk to Renona and hire her as your realtor too.

One advantage of this house compared to the other homes in Waikapu Gardens is that it does not have a neighbor directly behind.  It's a quite side and dead-end street therefore has a bit more privacy.   Our yard is also bigger compared to the average yards at Waikapu Gardens.

I  have worked with Spencer Homes for 13 years and I know they build good houses. The people bought and live there makes it a good neighborhood as well.  Waikapu Gardens is a great place to live in the Central area. Close to school and Offices.

Going back to the lay-out and why it's extremely popular - it is because of the big open are in the living/dining area and a functional, highly efficient kitchen.  Here are the photos of the kitchen  in two different angles:

This Waikapu Gardens homes for sale has 3 bedroom and 2 baths. It also has a 2 car garage. You can take a look at the listing for more details:  Waikapu Gardens, Model 3

You can view the Subdivision Map and other details about Waikapu Gardens by visiting Spencer Homes Maui website

Please contact Renona Barrozo of Lani Realty if you are interested to purchase this home. Her contact number are on this link (upper left) - Waikapu Gardens Listing

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