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Business in A Box via Pure E-Commerce with Jennifer Varner

Many of you know that it has always been a desire of mine to be able to start a business that I can do from home. I have read books, I have researched online and looked at many possible options.

One idea  have in mind is to open an online store. I know... I know... it's not original,  but it seems the best way for moms to make money while enjoying being a mother at home.  Many have done it and many are successful. However, when I looked at the process of starting it and getting an online store rolling, it got overwhelming!  What? I need to get this and that and set up this and that blah blah blah? I gave up...

And then ... (oh my husband makes fun of me when I open my sentence with "and then ....")  and then ... last week a got an e-mail from Linda Sherran, the head of Marketing and PR for Pure E-Commerce,  informing me about this company Pure E-Commerce and how their Founder and CEO Jennifer Varner and her family just moved to Maui ....

Now before I talk about Jennifer Varner, you must know that I get a lot of e-mails from Marketers daily and most of then I simply say "No, thank you but I am not interested".  But this one struck me so I checked it out.

How does one check out on someone these days?  Yep, Googled her!   I Googled Jennifer Varner to see if what Linda's e-mail was telling me is true.

Holly Molly, it's true!  This Jennifer Varner's story is incredible and inspirational!

Jennifer’s family has been touched not once but twice with cancer.  Her husband, Jeff, was diagnosed with cancer just three weeks after their wedding.  Three years ago, Jennifer found out she herself had invasive breast cancer after celebrating the 10th year of her husband being free from colon cancer.  At the time, she was three months pregnant and her greatest fear was for the health of her unborn child. She chose to fight the cancer and underwent chemotherapy and multiple surgeries all while being pregnant!

“Today my husband is cancer free! Today I am cancer free!  Most importantly, my baby, Kilian, is perfect! He is a survivor too; he took that long hard journey with me.  Through these events I have gained so much knowledge, wisdom and strength – more than I ever had, and more then I knew I could gain in a lifetime.  I live every moment, every day like it’s my last.  But I know it’s not. I plan on having an amazing future.  I have overcome and thrived.  Now it’s my desire to give back to another survivor who has overcome, and give them the possibility of an exciting, new future.” ( excerpt from and article about her on 2012 Aloha Auction for the Pacific Cancer Foundation)

Jennifer owned one of the largest online retail maternity businesses.  She opened to share all the experiences she learned while owning that business with others. Pure-Ecommerce, which was voted by Start Up Nation as one of the top 50 Women-Owned Businesses, is now celebrating its fifth anniversary and has helped 450 people realize their dreams of owning their own business and working for themselves.  

Two things that make Pure Ecommerce unique is that all of the products loaded up onto the businesses are drop shipped so clients hold no inventory.  Additionally, once the client purchases the business, they work with them individually going over every aspect of setting up, running, and then growing an ecommerce business.  Those who “bought the business on the box” get 40 hours of consultation.

There are so many things to know about Jennifer Varner and her business Pure E-Commerce that instead of me trying to sum it up, I'd provide you the link.  The link will be on their Pure- E-Commerce website but be assured that she is in so many entrepreneur magazines and newspapers that whatever you read on her website were validated (I myself crossed checked the references). Here's more about her:

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As you've read on her story, Jennifer is from North Carolina but you know what? Jennifer and her family recently moved to Maui! Yes, Maui!  The reason why Jennifer and her family family decided to live on Maui was that when Jennifer came here during her breast cancer recovery, she found Maui (and all of Hawaii) to be restorative. I agree with her :)

I am sure this will not be the last post I'd do about Jennifer and Pure E-Commerce as I am seriously considering consulting with them, and maybe someday buy one of their business in a box.  Maybe it's time to open "A Maui Store" for "A Maui Blog" :)

Please check out this 2012 Aloha Auction and help spread the word around.

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