Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank you for your support of TraffickJam2011

On Sunday I posted on Facebook and Twitter a request for support on my endeavor to help prevent child abuse in Asia. I was blessed to see many of my friends responding to this call. Here is the list of the kind people who are helping in this endeavor. In behalf of the children who will benefit from your help - thank you so much. Wishing you all abundant blessings through your kindness:

1. Gary Workman
2. Kathy Becklin - Buy Home In Maui
3. Dania Katz of Edible Hawaiian Islands Magazine
4. Christy Sweeney
5. June Donaghy
6. Mark Goldberg of MauiGuidebook
7. MauiGuidebook.com
8. Chris Norberg @Maui - Hawaii Web Group
9. Cassie Kepler
10. Jean McNulty
11. @lSPARKYl
12. @MrsMacchi
23. Kris Nelson of DailyMauiPhoto @DailyMauiPhoto

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raqgold said...

after a year, i just started blog hopping again! am glad to hear about this project and happier to know that you are working! hope you are doing great!