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Help Prevent Child Abuse - Here's How - TraffickJam2011Maui

Dear Family and Friends,

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If there is one thing that truly breaks my heart, it is when I hear a child being abused. And so when I heard about the traffickjam, I decided to participate. I am thankful that I grew up in a loving and safe environment. I am thankful that my kids are also growing up in a safe and loving envinroment. But some kids are not, and I want to help them in my own little way. Would you join me?

Details of Traffick Jam 2011 are posted below. I need you support. Can I count you in? Here's the scoop (as posted in the TrafficJam2011 Facebook for Maui):

Traffick Jam is a nationwide fundraiser that the Hard Places Community is holding on May 7, 2011. We are planning a walk-a-thon that will include all fifty states, a huge undertaking. The slogan for the walk-a-thon is Traffick Jam 2011: In one day, we can help bring child sex trafficking to a grinding halt.

We know that the idea of a walk-a-thon is not unique or new; they are done all the time. However, we believe that the low-ke...y, low-stress way we are going to go about doing Traffick Jam 2011 will encourage many people to participate.

In a nutshell, here's what it looks like. We are asking people to sign up to walk ten miles, together, on May 7, 2011. Each participant in the walk asks ten friends to sponsor him/her. Each sponsor gives a donation of one dollar per mile. That's ten dollars per sponsor. Many people will not be able to give huge amounts of money in these trying financial times, but they WILL be able to give ten dollars to stop the rape of a child. Ten dollars per sponsor, times ten sponsors, is one hundred dollars. So, each participant brings in $100, and also pays the $15 registration fee to cover the cost of his/her t-shirt and shipping the t-shirts to all fifty states. If we have one hundred walkers in one state, then that is $10,000. You do the math! We could raise enough money to see our dreams of FREEDOM begin to come true in Cambodia and Thailand, stretching all across South East Asia as we grow and multiply.


IF YOU WANT TO MAIL ME A CHECK, PLEASE MAIL IT TO OUR HOME.  If you do not know my address, contact me here and I will e-mail you:

BONUS TIP: If you have a business and you donate to this cause, I will put a link from this post to your website.  That wil help you in your SEO :) - just a little thing to say thank you :)

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