Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Will Only Take A Few Minutes, I Promise

There are 101 things to do on my list.  And writing this post is not one of them.  But this will only take a few minutes, I promise.  I just want to give you some updates on me (assuming that you are interested to know about me):

* HopeLap e-mailed me. They loved my post.  They recognized my influence in the Social Media world.  However, the glitch that I thought was a glitch is still a glitch.  Actually, it's not just a glitch.  It's a hindrance.  It boils down to "I am on Maui and they are on Redwoods City, San Francisco Bay, California".  The person to get the job has to be there, not here.  Should I move there then? Nah! Can't. Anyway, it was very encouraging to hear from them.  I still support Hopelab and now that I am made aware of it and its mission, I will help promote them.

* I am re-igniting my passion for being an advocate for kids with learning disabilities.  The passion actually hasn't died, but it was buried a little bit as I focused more on promoting Maui, than developing a blog about LD that I started earlier.  So after I log off here, I am heading to that blog called "Learning Nest" to upload more info there.  I also am re-uniting with a group of parents who are passionate advocates for kids with learning disabilities.  It's good to be surrounded with peeps who knows exactly what a parent of a child with LD is going through.

* I still have a cough.  I just took a spoonful of Robitussin cough syrup and it tasted horrible! Whoever invents a cough syrup that will taste like ice cream and still works will be  billionaire. Bleh! the aftertaste of this syrup is still in my mouth!

Ok, few minutes up! Aloha io!


Melissa said...

Feel better soon! Robitussin tastes bad, but WAY better than the cough medicine my mom used to give us!

Everything happens for a reason, as I'm sure you know. God has a plan for you!

Karen said...

I'm glad to read that Hopelab recognized your skill and talent. I'm sad that you won't be able to get a job that you would love. I also know that there is something else for you, and that Maui is blessed in innumberable ways by your presence there. So what's next? The LD stuff sounds fantastic. I'll be praying for you as always.
Much love to my favorite social media genius,

Maui Anela said... seem to be such a busy woman! :)