Saturday, August 14, 2010

Am I the One For HopeLab?

A Twitterfriend of mine e-mailed me yesterday with this subject line: "a job 4 u?".  In it was a link to a Manager of Communications and Emerging Media open position at Hope LabAs I read the post I had to agree with my friend that that job opening could possibly be well for me.  It is definitely in line with my passion, with my personal mission, and my experiences as well.  All day yesterday I was musing and contemplating on this opportunity.  Surely there will be many applicants who will apply for this job.  What would make me stand out from the rest?
Thinking about it more, I have come to a conclusion that it's not a matter of "standing out from the rest" it's a matter of "am I the right fit?". So, let me tackle that a bit.  Let me lay the cards out here and let them decide if I am the piece of the puzzle they are looking for. I will bare all - the pluses and the minuses, the way I see it. The reasons why they should hire me, and the reasons why they might think it won't work out.

Let me change my voice from here on and let's pretend I am talking to HopeLab:
1. HopeLab needs someone who is "passionate, driven, innovative, and fun to work with". My references can attest that I have those qualities.  In the virtual world, you can check with @Jowyang, @NEENZ, @RoxanneDarling @Peterliu47 and more (I can give you hundreds of references).  In real life IRL, you can e-mail my boss at Spencer Homes Maui. I worked with Spencer Homes for 13 years ... we are slow at the moment, so I am in-between jobs.  I am sure they will call me back once we start our new project. But for now, I need a job.
2. I am passionate about using the emerging media to accomplish life's missions and make a difference in my family and friends, my community, and the world.  I have used it to help family in crisis,  promote the tourism industry in the island I live on, and foster good communication among parents and teachers in the school where my kids go to. I use social media effectively in many ways. I am very active in the social media world.  I have a very good reputation. says I am influential when I checked on my status as @amauiblog. "Thought leader" is the term they used.

3. I am passionate about helping kids live healthy lives.  "I am a mother, hear me roar!" was one of our favorite line in this parents forum that I was very active at at one point (  I have two kids, one just turned 13 and one turning 12 soon.  Seriously, I am a mother who has a  a mission to raise my kids right in this crooked world of ours.  It'll be great to have the opportunity to help more kids in addition to my own.
4. I love sticky notes. I use them all the time!
1. I live on Maui, Hawaii. HopeLab's office is in San Franscisco Bay Area.  I do not think I can convince my family to move to CA.  Actually I love living on Maui myself.  Would Hoplab allow virtual remote offices?  Would there be an airline sponsoring me to go to their office on a regular basis to touch base?
2. I am not a bona fide geek.  I am a semi-geek.  I do have the technical knowledge and abilities to use many of the social media applications, but I know that I still have to learn a lot more.  I can easily learn though. And I am good friends with a lot of geeks.  Collaboration is the key in overcoming this weakness.
3. English is my second language.  I love to write and I express myself well in writing.  However, in writing blog posts, I take a lot of time because I have to check and double check my English.  I don't write as eloquently as many writers do.  Most of my writings are conversational and not journalistic. I do not use a lot of "big words".  Feel free to check out my blogs (A Maui Blog and Liza's Eyeview) and there you will see my writing styles.
There are many things to consider I am sure.  In between those plusses and minusses, there are skills that I have, educational background, experiences, personality traits, etc.  For more of that formalities, please check out my Linked In Page: Liza Pierce

It would be nice to hear from HopeLab.  Maybe an interview would give us a better understanding wether I fit or not. We shall see.... stay tuned.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Dear Girl, I am remembering you in prayer.

Karen said...

Wow, you have all those talents and more. They would be lucky to get you. Please keep us posted and I will be praying.
Much love, Karen