Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back To My Blogging Roots

It's 4:25 AM. I am not supposed to be blogging. I am right now taking 2 weeks off from all my social media gigs to focus on helping my son get through the last 2 weeks of school without a glitch. But Liza's Eyview is a "safe place" and a "venting place" for me so here I am.

As many of you who are friends of Liza's Eyeview know, my son is uniquely gifted. He is what they call "gifted dyslexic" or "twice exceptional". He has a high IQ, yet it does not transfer into his performance in school because of his dyslexia, unless he is given various accommodations. He needs close monitoring to be able to finish is school work without him getting frustrated and giving up. He also needs help in getting focused. I have spent many many hours on the internet and reading books researching how to best help him succeed in school and in life because it's really hard being a gifted dyslexic. The good news is there are tons of information and resources out there that helps a parents help their gifted dyslexic child. The bad news is it requires a lot of time and energy and attention - and most parents nowadays do not have the luxury of "lots of time".... at least not I.

Back to my blogging roots. Yes, I came back here to my original blog to vent, to reflect, to contemplate, to seek support. In this blog I am at home. This is my online journal where I can pour out my emotions without any concerns ... here I can ramble and not worry about what advertisers would say or how it would affect my overall niche.

Did I already tell you I am taking a 2 week off my social media gigs? Did I also tell you that I took an emergency 2 week off from my current day job which made my husband very worried. He was worried of how my bosses would react because that's a very irresponsible thing to do - just e-mail that day (yesterday) to tell them I am taking a 2 weeks off, and it starts right now. Ahhh, that is so unlike me. And yet I had to do that. I had to do that after I logged in into my son's "powerschool" (the website where we check their grades and performance) and saw that his grades are in the danger zone. I must intervene. I must give him an undivided attention. Not that I would do the work for him, but I must be there when he does his work to keep him focused. To keep me focused. This is what I am called to do. To make my family life a priority....

There is such too much to sort out in my life right now. Aside from the clutter in my house, there are also clutter in my mind. There are complicated decisions to make. Decisions that cannot be decided upon just by what I believe is my calling - but it had to be in line with what my husband think is best for the family. Afterall, he is the head of our family.

Ahhh... its feel so good to ramble here. That's how I started blogging. And that's what meant about blogging roots....

Have I already told you that love being a mom? How about the fact that I also love being a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend? Why is life nowadays seems so complicated? We have all these gadgets to save time and yet the more time we save on these gadgets, the more stressful it seems.

Life is meant to be simple, and yet we make it hard.

Yesterday I was at Borders and I saw this Yoga DVD for $7.99. I bought it. I will do yoga for 30 minutes a day to get rid of the stiffness in my body caused by all these stress. I need to do this while I am on my "emergency mental health and undivided attention to help G mission" vacation.

Ahhh... it's 10 minutes till 5AM. I better stop blogging and get back on checking all of the homework G accomplished last night. He worked hard last night. He even missed the Church Youth Group (which he absolutely loves attending), to focus on school project.

May this day be another productive one. Lord, help us.


Unknown said...

Liza just take the time you need for your son, your family, yourself. There are times to blog, but there are there are other times too and often they are more important than "just for blogging". Have a great time!

Molly said...

Hang in there girl. We are wading through the last two weeks of school here too.

Can.not.wait.for this year to be over!

Karen said...

You will never regret the time you pour into your wonderful family. When it's all said and done, that's the one that matters. Hope your 2 weeks will restore your sense of balance. Will be praying for you all.
Much love,

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

just to let you know I am thinking of you and remembering you in my prayers....
i am proud of you!!