Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Crisp View of God

Lord, even when I have trouble

all around me, you will keep me alive.

Psalm 138:7

There is a window in your heart through which you can see God. Once upon a time that window was clear. Your view of God was crisp. You could see God as vividly as you could see a gentle valley or hillside.

The, suddenly, the window cracked. A pebble broke the window. A pebble of pain.

And suddenly God was not so easy to see. The view that had been so crisp had changed.

You were puzzled. God wouldn't allow somethig like this to happen, would he?

When you can't see him, trust him ... Jesus is closer than you've ever dreamed.

*From Eye In the Storm by Max Lucado, from Grace For The Moment devotional dated October 22.


Karen said...

beautiful, Liza. Thank you.

Brett K Moore said...

Liza, this is beautiful. Only when God shatters the window can we feel the breeze through the glassless frame. Thanks for sharing.

Maisha Bonnie said...

I love this Liza, thank you :-)