Monday, March 2, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged in Facebook by some dear friends to do the 25 Things About Me Meme. I thought I'd post it here on the blog too. I am working on my "Tackle It Tuesday" post but I thought this one is a good post for today, Monday ....

1. I love Jesus. I thought I'd mention that first. I grew up as a Catholic. I gave my life to Jesus when I was in college. I believe in "lifestyle evangelism". I do not like it when people "force" their belief to others. I think if we live a life that Jesus would want us to live, others will want to know more about HIM.

2. I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister, an aunt and a blogger. I also have many other roles aside from that.

3. I am married to Bradley. I am barely 5 feet tall, He's 6 and 3/4 feet tall. As my friend would say, I believe in the improvement of species ;)

4. Bradley and I dated through letters. We first met in the Philippines during one of Hope Chapel's mission trips, but he loves to say he ordered me from a catalog. He thinks it's kinda funny. Yep, he's got a warped sense of humor. Oddly, his sense of humor is one of the qualities that attracted me to him when we first met ;)

5. We have been married for 15 years (going 16 this year). Yes, we are committed to each other. And yes, I love that guy.

6. I love being a mom. This is one of my greatest passion in life.

7. I am a mom to a Hapa Girl N and a Hapa Boy G. Both are in their Tween years. They are my pride and joy. They are the best!

8. I love my family in the Philippines (and LA) even though I do not write and very seldom call them on the phone. My two brothers should win the award for "best brothers".

9. I am introvert by nature although I love having a lot of friends. I am a loyal friend. I have some close friends who I adore and love so much. They help me get through the rough times and they rejoice with me in the good times.

10. By being an introvert, I need a lot of quite time and reflection time. I get cranky when I don't get enough of those.

11. Being an introvert, I am not good at conversations. I tend to be a "wall flower" on social gatherings. I do not like talking on the phone. If you call my cell phone and I don't answer, you'd get a message recorded by Bradley. It says " You've reached Liza's phone. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE -she does not check her messages. That's true. E-mail me if you need to reach me.

12. I love to sing but singing doesn't like me.

13. I also love to dance but dancing doesn't like me either.  Although in elementary and high school I danced a lot, even on school programs. But now I hardly dance except swaying during worship ;)

14. I love books and I think books like me :). Reading informative books, self-help books and biographies are my favorites.  I don't read fiction and novels that much. I love reading poetry though. Yes, I can be boring.

15. "Acts of Service" is my primary love language.  Anything I can do for you?

16. Someday when I retire and we can afford it, I'd love to "travel around the world".  Also want to do a lot of gardening and flower arranging;

17. I am a B.S. Psychology graduate. I took Psychology because it has the fewest Math requirements I could find in college that also has a lot of science.

18. Yes, I hate Math and love Science. Later on I realized I really really like Psychology and so glad I took that as my major.

19. I love living on Maui. Love the ocean, the people, the weather, and everything Maui. Maybe that's why I started another blog called A MAUI BLOG

20. I like eating ethnic Filipino food, And yes I do eat balut (much to my hubby's and some friends' disgust). DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK if you have low tolerance for weirdness and yuckiness)

21. I own more than 25 cookbooks but only use less than 10 of the recipes written those those 25+ cookbooks. I am a messy cook. I am insecure with my cooking ability.

22. Blogging and Twittering are among my favorite things to do.

23. I don't exercise very much. But I need to. I also don't drink water as much as I need too.  And did I mention I love eating fried foods? I can't claim to be a health buff. I'd fail the healthy list test.

24. Twenty four already? I still have a lot to share.

25. Now I am stuck and don't know what to put as the 25th things about me.  If you know me, feel free to add something about me on the comment section :)


Anonymous said...

Oh that was great fun to read! Thanks for posting it.

Catherine said...

Great list - very fun to read!

Katrina said...

What a fun list! I would not have pegged you as an introvert, but it's so hard to really get a sense of someone from their writing alone without knowing them in real life!

I like the story of how you met your husband. Mine has a pretty twisty sense of humor, too, and I love that!

Unknown said...

#11 just made me want to scream and hug you through the internet. I'm the SAME WAY!!! I just let my voice mail inbox get full so that no one can leave me a message and therefor are forced to text or email me. hate hate hate the phone.
On a side note: I'm going to be in Maui for two weeks starting on Thursday!!! i'm thinking a Maui Tweetup is in order?

Anonymous said...

Great list, crack me up! -Todd

Karen said...

I hate the phone too Liza, and love email, just like you. Us closet introverts understand each other. Loved your list. You are just a beautiful woman.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Liza love your list. Made me want to hug you. A lot we have in common and it makes me smile. I am almost 5ft2,introvert, do not like the phone and on and on. Some - not me!! I do exercise and try and eat healthy. But I am much further down the road then you and want a few more years on earth.
Love from someone you - along with her daughter - encouraged to enter the blogging world a year ago. You are special.

... said...

good job. i've been tagged for this too but haven't taken the time to come up with 25. i'll probably go back to my 100th post where i wrote 100 things about myself... and then copy and paste =)

you probably have written this somewhere, but what brought you to maui? what does your husband do there? just curious.

Ron and Barbara said...

Looks like Brad's a lucky guy...

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog here! And to comment on your 25 things ... like you, #12, singing doesnt like me. My secret dream is to become a big rock star! = )