Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Need A MacBook, Period!

Oh I spent the last 30 minutes frantically trying to find the photo I took of our last day at work where my bosses took us out to a very nice luncheon at the Cafe Ole at the Dunes at Maui Lani. Sigh! They are gone! They are all gone! I mean the photos. I must have accidentally deleted it out of the scan disk thinking that it was already transferred to the hard drive. Not only were there photos of our luncheon, there were other photos on that batch that I needed for my A Maui Blog. Lots of great photos I took. I am bummed, big time. And so I spent the last 30 minutes lamenting over this loss. Such a bummer because I was ready to do my post about Cafe Ole for A Maui Blog. I was going to tie it up with the post about our last day. Anyhoo - they are gone! bummer!

This bring me to my next point which is my title. I really need to get a computer for me for my blogging business (notice - I called it a business - ha! ha!). As of now I am using this old dying lap top who is older than boo and can't handle the newer programs many blogger and twitters use to make manage their time wisely while blogging. This does not even have a pot for me to easily transfer the scan disk from the camera to here, hence the lost as I was transferring to the blog computer to the USB drive to here. I really am wasting a lot of time trying to work on this computer. I need a Macbook. I really do. It's only a matter of justifying the expense, and explaining to my husband why buying a lap top will really help my blogging business and eventually it will bring in lots of cash :) Yeah, right. Lots of cash. He's heard that before. But then again I know I am in this for a long term so it's worth investing. I also know that I am almost at the turn around in monetizing my blog - but if I keep on losing photos and posts I .... hmmmm...

The other day I learn a new abbreviation and phrase. It is ROI. Return of Investment. I like that term. It's like a farmer planting seeds and then one day the seeds will grow and bear much fruit. I had been planting a lot of seeds lately, and even watering a lot of sprouts and bushes. I know the harvest is soon. Oh, if only I can buy a Macbook now instead of waiting for that harvest to come.

Oh well... I think I'd just go to bed and dream about it for now. Good night everyone.


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Anonymous said...

I am with you on this one sister. I NEED an apple too...ok, maybe I just want one...but still, it would help so much.

Actually right now, I just want a connection at home...blasted cable company