Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reality Check and Other Musings

I should be folding our laundry right now ... but laundry can wait. There's been a lot of things in my head lately, I think I better "unload or download" so my mind does not get too crowded...

The other day I received my bonus check which in part is also my "separation pay". It is still unclear when my last day at work would be, and I am not complaining. I am taking it a day at a time, just giving it my best everyday....

On the homefront my husband and I are doing well. Actually, very well in spite of the pending "income cut back". He stopped asking me about finding another full time job, I stopped talking about wanting to be a "stay at home mom". Both of us are trying to understand the other's point of view and I think it's working. We've stumbled upon a great marriage tool which is not new, just hard to apply. At this point both of us are being understanding of each other and that makes the home atmosphere a lot better.

Have I mentioned that we've lost our renter on the ohana we have? (For those in the mainland, an ohana is an attached cottage that we rent to help pay for the mortgage. It's very common here on Hawaii). Our renter found a more inexpensive place (half the price of what he's paying, and it's ocean front I heard). We are praying that a new renter handpicked by God would come soon.

Reality Check. That's the title of the post that Darren wrote on making money with blogging. For those of you who do not know Darren, he's one of the more successful blogger who earns a lot of money from blogs. But he does not want to raise our hopes too high. Making money from blogs means hard work. And so although I enjoy blogging and hoped that it would be my source of income when I get laid off, the truth is I won't make as much money because if I work too hard on it, it would defeat the purpose or my original intent to stay at home to have more time with the kids and more time to be a "homemaker". I will continue to blog because I enjoy it, and I will continue to try to improve my A MAUI BLOG to hopefully monetize it well, but I am not holding my breath on it being a good source of income. If God makes it so then that would be wonderful but ... whatever happens, it's in God's hands...

This post will actually be transferred to my other blog in a few days. Or I might just duplicate it there.

Going back to the marriage secret, here's an example of how when we try to please our spouse, the end result is that they also try to please us:

In an effort to honor my husband, I attended this Women's Bible Study on being a good "HelpMeet". Some (or many) women at church do not like the class because it's almost like the wife is being taught how to be a doormat. The women leading the class are great, but the book we are using is not that great (in fact I would say it's terribly written). I think my husband appreciated the fact that I attended the class to be a better wife to him, that I can feel he's also trying to be a better husband to me. For example, yesterday he fixed our scanner. I had been wanting to fix this scanner (wasn't installed properly when we first bought our printer) but I could not find the time. When I asked him before, he didn't do it. But the other night, he spent a lot of time figuring it out and fixed it for me. (He even knows that I'll use the scanner to scan photos for my blog). Well, that spoke a lot because my love language happens to be "service". So that little service of his told me he loves me. So now watch out, there will be some old scanned photos appearing on this blog soon :)

OK, I think I've rambled enough. Time to check what the Tweeples are tweeting at Twitter :) Til next blog post, aloha!


Tyler Gillies said...

Im a problogger reader also!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I love your thoughts on how well it works when we attempt to really help our spouses.

I found your blog a while back from a comment you left on my site and am enjoying it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!