Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh My Golly, My Brother's Got A Blog!!!

While moderating my comments, I read this comment from Bro. J. He sounded like he knew me well, so I was very curious to find out who Bro J is. I clicked on the "name" in the comment but it didn't bring me to his blog. I copied and pasted the URL address and lo and behold - it's my brother Joseph!!! Oh my golly, my brother's got a blog! Way to go Kuya!

I must say I am very impressed - I love his header (especially the photo of my cute nephew JD..... running). I love the name of the blog, and his pen name in their office newsletter which he also used as his blog name - "Bro J". I enjoyed reading his posts and articles. It's a great start.

And to really be transparent about this -I am teary eyed at the moment. My brothers (Joseph and Relly) and I are very close - always had been and always will. Funny, my young brother Relly just called me this morning asking about my kids. He was at Toys R Us, just cruising (yeah, he's like that :) - and he remembered to call and ask what my kids would like for their birthdays. I thought - what a cool young brother, thinking of my kids. And then tonight I got this comment and I thought, what a cool big brother - we'll get even closer through the blog (he's one of my first and faithful reader, my great encourager).

So.... without further adoo - I present to you my brother's blog. Please go to "J Running" and welcome him in the blogosphere!

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