Thursday, August 21, 2008

Five Love Languages

Do you know what the 5 love languages are? Before reading further, can you name the 5 without looking below?

Last Sunday, as I was driving out of Hope Chapel parking lot, hubby called me and ask

"What are the 5 languages?" (they needed it for the Tweens lesson)

I scrabbled "hmm..... acts of service (my love language) gifts (my hubby's love language) and encouraging words (also my hubby's love language)"

"What else?" hubby asked

I couldn't remember. (I thought, this is not good that we can't remember...)

I told him I'd get back to him. Drove fast to house. Googled the phrase "Five Love Languages" and this came up.

I thought it's good to share that article with all of you. I will be talking more about that in the upcoming posts....

Now, can you identify which are your primary love languages and which are your loved ones primary love languages? It's your challenge for today - you must know them!


Molly said...

I probably couldn't have-but I cheated. I know that i score pretty high on 3 gifts, affirmations and acts of service...with affirmations winning by a hair (good thing I am not as shallow as i sometimes think i am LOL). Hubbies is with out a double Touch. so it is that other one that would evade us LOL.

Katrina said...

I am huge on Words of Affirmation, while my husband is all about Quality Time. Thankfully, we both have Touch as a strong second. :) It's fun figuring our what your kids' languages are, too.