Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Practical Stress Relievers (Works For Me - What Works For You?)

The best ways to handle stress are a) pray b) trust God c) worship d) read the Bible. However, there are many practical ways to supplement and compliments the list above. Here are some of mine. Some little ways, some unusual, some bizarre, and some wouldn't make sense to some - but these are practical, easy to do, and some are fun... These WORKS FOR ME:

1. Make a list - sometimes I feel overwhelmed thinking I've got so many things to do only to realize it's not that many once I put it on paper.

2. Smell some of my favorite smells. Yes, some calls it aromatherapy. Some smells that comfort me are: lavender, vanilla, baby powder, cinnamon, fresh linen, fresh apple pie, sandalwood and Vicks vapor rub (i love the mint or peppermint smell)

3. Sleep - getting enough sleep never fails to reduce my stress.

4. Oh yeah - Blogging.

5. Bubble Bath - - guaranteed stress reducer, I just need to find the time to do it.

6. Massage - it would be nice to get it from a professional masseur. That always works for me. Actually, my hubby WAS a professional masseur so it works (if I can get him to give me a massage). Well, I can get him to give me a massage, but there's a trade, if you know what I mean... ;)

7. Coloring and painting - coloring, as in coloring a kids' coloring book with Crayola. Painting, as in painting using the kids' water color. These two activities works well for me. They are great stress reducer. I can also add playing with Play Doh here.

8. Reading a Book - ahhh ... it's a rest to read a wonderful, interesting book.

9. Rubbing my feet on a mosquito net - I told you some on my list would be bizarre to you.

10. Drinking a cup of hot Ovaltine Malt; or a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallow; or a good Chai.

This post is my "Works For Me Wednesday" post. I did share some of the stress relievers that worked for me - would you mind sharing some of yours? Maybe I can copy. Please share them ... leave a comment ;)

Speaking of sharing, a lot of bloggers are sharing ideas at WFMW headquarter. Go there and check them out.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Oh Liza
We must have been cut out of the same cloth.
Me just many years earlier.
I love Lavender, read my bible, all the special scriptures that speak to me, cup of hot chocolate,a hot bath with aromatic oil,
yoga stretches, deep breathing, a walk and yes a massage. But the cost at this time is not in my budget.
I also like to color. Have some special adult color books. Nature images.

Unknown said...

Actually, I have a really bad stress reliever. It's called comfort food!LOL But aside from that, I like a nice long shower with my favorite scents!!

Katrina said...

I totally agree on the making a list thing--it helps me get the swirling mess of thoughts out of my head, if only for a moment!

I love massages, too, and my husband, thankfully, likes giving them. Usually by the time they're over, I'm asleep!

I also like taking a long walk, especially with my iPod. Fast music if I want actual exercise, soothing slow music if I'm just meandering.

Great list!

Unknown said...

Ooooh! Now I want some iced chai. Maybe tomorrow...

Brooke said...

i would love #s 5&8 please, followed by #6. thank you.

Forgetfulone said...

Bubble bath, aromatherapy, and prayer. Massage can be expensive. Exercise is good, too! And boy do I need stress reducers!

Tim said...

Reading a book in a bubble bath. Sounds great . . . but I never do it. I love to color with crayons. Singing softly, songs that come to my heart helps.

Do you think if I give my wife a massage . . . =8-O LOL

Good post. Though I probably will skip the mosquito net thing. :)

Anonymous said...

You can also try meditation,It really works.

His Girl said...

prayer, lists, blogging, ahhhhhh... chatting with girlfriends, all fabulous ways to unwind :)