Tuesday, July 15, 2008

His Eyes (Repost)

(originally posted on November 2006)

It is quite interesting how God speaks to us in so many ways…if only we’d listen…and listen well…

The other day I mentioned in this blog the tape that my friend, Marissa Andres, gave me. Well, yesterday as I was listening to the radio, another “old song” from that tape was played on the air and it brought tears to my eyes. I remembered how I used to sing this song over and over and over again. It was such an encouragement to me then…and I when I heard it yesterday, it was an encouragement to me now…

The interesting thing about this song is that it speaks of the GOD’s EYES…. And it seems such a “co-incidence” that I named my blog “Liza’s Eyeview” . The song reminded me how I should look at various situations in my life from God’s point of view… not from my eyeview, but from God’s eyeview. Here’s the lyrics of the song by Steven Curtis Chapman called “His Eyes”:

Sometimes His eyes were gentle
And filled with laughter,
And sometimes they cried;
Sometimes there was a fire
Of holy anger,
In Jesus’ eyes.
But the eyes that saw hope in the hopeless,
That saw through the fault to the need,
Are the same eyes that look down from heaven
Into the deepest part of you and me.

His eyes are always upon us;
His eyes never close in sleep.
And no matter where you go,
You will always be in His eyes, in His eyes.

Sometimes His voice comes calling
Like rolling thunder,
Or like driving rain;
And sometimes His voice is quiet,
And we start to wonder
If He knows our pain.
But He who spoke peace to the water
Cares more for our hearts than the waves,
And the voice that once said "You’re forgiven",
Still says "You’re forgiven" today.

Sometimes I look above me when stars are shining
And I feel so small;
How could the God of heaven and all creation
Know I’m here at all.
But then in silence He whispers,
"My child, I created you too
And you’re my most precious creation;
I even gave my Son for you."


Sometimes His eyes were gentle, and filled with laughter.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for writing this, I really needed this post today! Thanks!