Sunday, June 29, 2008

Posting Ala Twitter (with Monday updates)

I am not on Twitter yet. Probably won't be just because blogging is already taking up all of my "free time" whatever free time may be. I know tons of bloggers are already twittering, i don't think I can do that .. but I can post ala Twitter because posting on Tweeter seems easy and fun. I don't have to think too long before I post. Just post away. So here they are:

* 5:31 am, I have been blogging but not drunk my first cup of coffee. That's bad. But the coffee is still brewing. OK, done. I'll get up and get a cup now.

* Yummmm. Got my one cup in the morning. I answered many e-mails this morning so I think I'm done with the computer for now. I will go back to bed and read there. I will come back to this post and twitter here the whole day. This is fun.

* 5:21 PM - proof that Twitter is not for me. How many hours had passed that I did not update this ala twitter post. I guess I'd be back to my good ol' blogging.

MONDAY, June 30th

* A bit anxious but not bad. Need to read a Psalm. Getting ready for work.

* Blogging instead of being in the shower (or taking the shower) at this time.

* Dropped of G at Space Camp. Cassie is taking him home and I'll pick him up from her house - yehay!

* Ate Acai (from Jamba Juice) for breakfast.

* Arrived at work 10 minutes early - a record ;) - usually I'm barely on time. Ok. 9:00 AM (official start of work) - Got to work hard. Do everything for the glory of God.


Anonymous said...

Hey Liza,

Just checkin in to see how your muffintop challenge is going!

I hope all is well. Keep us all updated to your progress.


... said...

i see some people who update it like every 30 minutes or so. one, i don't see the reason and two, i don't understand why someone would spend that much time on the computer.

it's somewhat fun to see what people are up to. things they wouldn't necessarily blog about. if you get on, look me up.

Real Life Sarah said...

I totally can't get into Twitter. I'm already addicted to checking my email, I can't imagine stopping all day to tweet!

Anonymous said...

Hey Liza, glad to have been your encourage-a-blogger for the moment. lol I will keep checkin'. Heck, when I fall off, make sure you push me back to do the same thing. No fall offs! lol

Fiddledeedee said...

Oh golly, this whole twitter thing has me baffled. I'm fascinated by it, on the one hand, but on the other, OH MY WORD, TOO MUCH TIME ON THE INTERNET.

I think I'll just stick with my mediocre type posting. :)

Anonymous said...

haha Im so with you! I tried to twitter and just never stuck with it. So not me at all!