Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mothers Day Celebration at Liza's Eyeview

Just because I love Mothers ....

POSTED 4/25/08

Starting Next week until Mother's Day I will be doing a series on Mothers. I love Mother's day because I absolutely love being a mommy and I love the mommies in my life. I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS or e-mail notification (see box on the left) because this is going to be good. I promise it will better than what I did last year (and I thought last year's was good). There will be some awesome give-aways too, although it will be random (that's why you need to subscribe) . I'd explain more later - for now I need to do my mommy duties of "feeding" my kids supper :)

UPDATED 4/29/08:

I realize the internets like "give-aways". So to motivate everyone in the internets to share about this Mothers' Day celebration here, I am giving away a $15.00 gift certificate to a draw winner. There are two things you can do to be included in the draw:

1) Subscribe to my blog feeds (RSS or e-mail - see box on the upper left) for this 2 weeks of Mothers Day celebration. Then you can either take it out or keep it :). To make it easier for me to draw names, please leave a comment here saying you're in. Honor system.

2) Post an announcement in your blog about this celebration. You can use a logo or just a text link. Yes, there will be random give-aways throughout the celebration so share my friends... share.

Do one or both. If you did both, let me know and I'd count your name twice. Have fun!

Winner will be announced on Mothers day.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

I can't wait to see. Mother's are awesome.

Abigail said...

yey! sali ako syempre :)

this year is my first mother's day

Kristen said...

Can't wait to read!

Btw, thanks for the suggestion to make "Sincerely 'Fro" a weekly carnival. I had thought about it too, but didn't know what the interest would be. I polled yesterday's readers and more than 20 said they'd love to contribute. So, thanks! I'll have it up next week . . . so prepare!

Kristen said...

Okay, I subscribed--scout's honor.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd love to be entered.
The prize will go to one of the nursing home residents I read to weekly.
M. Waters

Real Life Sarah said...

This sounds great! I'm already subscribed to you, and I'm putting the image on my site now!