Friday, March 28, 2008

In The Shadow of The Moon

It's interesting that Sunday Scribbling's prompt for this week is "Out Of This World" because we just watched the the DVD In The Shadow Of The Moon last Night. It was indeed an out of this world experience for the astronauts, and while watching this DVD it was almost an out of this world experience for us. I encourage you to watch the DVD.

But it does not end there. Out of this world exist not only the moon, but the universe, the galaxy, the heaven. And the more I see and learn about these wonderful universe, the more I am convinced that there is a Creator, and He is Indescribable.

Beyond this world;
beyond my dreams;
beyond the glory
of this Earth.

There is a God;
there is a Lord;
there is a Creator
I have no doubt, there is.

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Granny Smith said...

I'll try to get "Shadow of the Moon". It sounds fascinating. The universe is indeed awe-inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I too believe in it!

word by word

Anonymous said...

I admire your positivity. Nice piece

anthonynorth said...

We haven't even understood the planet yet, so who knows what's out there.

Tumblewords: said...

Nice post! I always learn so much in the blog world!

Forgetfulone said...

Great post. I haven't written for SS yet, but I enjoyed reading your post.

Anonymous said...

interesting perception...


Jennifer Hicks said...

your post was so hopeful and full of certainty. nice piece!