Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunday Scribbling: Fridge Space

(pardon the messy fridge. I cleaned it up after I took the photo ;) )

photos are hung
by magnetic frames and holders

Calendars, reminders
And some phone numbers
Outside our refrigerator space

Left overs and marinades
that needs to be in
a cold space

Milk and juices
Fruits and
Inside our refrigerator space


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myrtle beached whale said...

Enjoyed your verse. Simple and revealing.

Anonymous said...

Lovely and what a change from some of that earnest deep stuff. Thank you!

Chris said...

Very cute, the verse and rhyme is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

this made me smile..

Spaced Out

Anonymous said...

Very clever!! (And it doesn't look messy, at least not compared to mine.)

Heather said...

Very nice! Simple, yet expressive. ;o)

Tumblewords: said...

Simply delicious!! Love it...