Sunday, January 27, 2008

Works Of God Weekend

This week has been a roller coaster ride. Many ups and downs. Needless to say, I I felt safe enough to vent some on this blog, like what I did on my previous post.

Last night I came home from Bunco, lighthearted. I am thankful that I did. I think I am beginning to be more comfortable with the "whole" group, and not just two of my best friends in there. There's a whole story to my participation in this bunco, and that calls for s separate post. But for now, I am happy that last night I came home happy and not sad.

This post will be my entry to A Dusty Frame's "Works Of God Weekend" carnival so I'd just randomly type some of these works of God for me that I can think of.

Last Friday we had our friends, the Sowers, for a visit. In this previous post I shared the story of our friendship, and their move to the mainland, and how we were sad they moved. Well, they were here for a visit and we're stoked! Both Naruto Boy (G) and surfer girl (N) are so happy to play with Colton and Megan, and of course my hubby and I are both happy to be with Brett and Karen - we talked stories until midnight.

On Saturday morning I posted my confession about how some Saturdays are hard. I am please to report that after I posted that, and after I pray and went on with the day, that Saturday actually went well. The birthday party my kids attended went well. I was able to get a present that the birthday boy loved (this boy is very close to me so I'm stoked he liked the gift so much - he kept on telling me over the phone :).

And like what I said, the bunco went well too. Actually, it went very well - I even won a price for best costume! I am going to do a separate post on that with photos :)

Add to the success of the birthday party and bunco, I also was able to clean up the house (not super clean, but clean enough).

Hubby and I are doing well. We are "ignoring" the low level conflict and we're back to the "friendly state". I think we need a date. We haven't had a date for a while. Maybe that will move us from just being "friendly " to being "romantic. Afterall, Valentines Day is coming.

And before I close this "Works of God Weekend" post, I just want to mention Arnel Pineda's success once again. When I read his story, I was so touched, and got reminded how God works in many ways.

Today, Sunday, we will go to church to worship God and thank him for all the works he's doing in our lives. I will spend more time with the family today.


A Dusty Frame said...

Hi Liza,

Thank you for faithfully participating.
You are an encouragement to me:)

I'm glad to hear you had some blessings this week:)


Lisa said...

I read the stuff about Arnel Pineda - WOW! I'm so proud of him too! I can't wait for their album to come out. So awesome!!! ~Lisa