Saturday, January 26, 2008

Confessions of A Christian Working Mom (Part 2): Sometimes Even Saturdays Are Hard

In my first post on this series I mentioned how I love Fridays. One of the reasons while I love Fridays is because I don't have to go to work the next day. Why is it then that on a Saturday morning like this, when I am supposed to be sleeping in, I am awake early, blogging my anxieties away, hoping to plan my day perfect so I can do my errand, my chores, the things I had put away to do on the weekend, and hopefully to spend some quality with quantity time with my kids. And you know that if you re-read what I just typed: hoping to plan my day perfect so I can do my errand, my chores, the things I had put away to do on the weekend, and hopefully to spend some quality with quantity time with my kids - there's no way that I can accomplish all I need or want to accomplish on one Saturday day. Which means I'd be looking forward to next Saturday come Monday morning.

I know I should not stress out and just enjoy the weekend. I wish I can type a post like Boomama's post today. But you know, I can't. I've got errands to do. My kids are attending a birthday party at 11AM today and I still have not bought a gift for the Bday celebrant despite the fact that they sent us this invitation early so I really have no excuse not to be ready. But you see, the other 2 Saturdays prior to this were hectic that I kept on postponing our trip to the toy store. I knew I should just have ordered online. And tonight I am going to BUNCO. That BUNCO is supposed to be a time with "my friends", sort of a "girl's night out" and here I am stressing about it too because I am a little bit guilty that I am going on a girl's night out when I really have not been spending some qualityplusquantity time with my kids. Plus, I am not yet ready with my "Southern Belle" costume,. I have some, but not all. And just to be honest, my hubby and I are not in a "romantic" mode at this time. We are in the "civil mode", not even "very friendly mode" because the other day I said something that offended him and in turn he said something that offended me - and right now we are just low on energy and short on time to even try to resolve this low level conflict, and so we just go on with our married lives like "it's ok". Actually, this is more of my style. If we'd follow hubby's style, he's want to discuss this, "argue away" and then resolve it. But oh, I really do not like to be resolving conflict on Saturday. I want Saturday to be a day of fun..... but sometimes, even Saturdays are hard....


Sharon Brumfield said...

I hear you. And although I do not work outside the home-on Saturdays I want the world to stop.
I care for my FIL and my family. Sometimes I need me time. And if I am not "caring" for my husband then there are other things added to my agenda that I would rather not have to deal with.:)
When I start feeling harried I have to look and see if I have been spending time alone with God. Real time. Time so that he can quiet my spirit. Then I let him order what I do and don't do. I would love to say that I have perfected this--but no. He had to deal with me about this again on the 23 of January. I posted about it. You might enjoy it.
It is so easy to let this world take advantage of us. He is the only one that can give this world "the hand"--and then in turn fill us up.
I hope that tomorrow you find a little rest with Him.
And that you end up having some sweet time with your man. ;)

Katrina said...

It sounds like you're feeling very overwhelmed right now (and you're right--that makes it hard to deal with even the little conflicts and problems that crop up in marriage and family life.) I'm praying that things look up for you soon! *hugs*