Friday, January 4, 2008

The Start Of Something New

So what if 2007 was messed up?
2008 is here
we can start anew

One step at a time
maybe two steps forward,
one step back

But we will move on
we can move forward
leaving the "bad"
and the "ugly" behind

For some it might
not be as easy as it sounds
but never give up

It's a New Year
It's time to
start something

Dance, sing,
make melodies
Laugh, Smile
Make a joyful song

Slow Down
Dream Big
Enjoy your
family and friends

Don't hold back
Don't give up
Let 2008
Be the start
of Something New

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Devil Mood said...

Good message! :)

Lucy said...

great advice! Here's to something new! :)

Forgetfulone said...

Great poem and great message!

Shari said...

Yes. There were some things about 2007 that were messed up. I happened to be thinking about that tonight. Honestly, I'd rather forget the unpleasant parts of 2007, but God can use even the bad times. I can learn, improve, and hopefully help someone else from what I've gone through. Sounds like an idea for a new post that I should put into writing. Thanks for sharing your poem.

Unknown said...

Wonderful rendition of the theme.

little wing writer said...

absolutely!!!...i feel like dancing