Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Love Airports ...

...because at the airport, it makes you see that LOVE ACTUALLY ... IS ALL AROUND:

And so Nanay and Tatay are now in the plane on their way back to the Philippines. The flight from Maui to Honolulu was supposed to be at 7:05 AM; They were both awake at 3:00 AM, I woke up at 3:30 AM; we were on our way to the airport at 4:30 AM. Too early, isn't it? But my dad was ready to go. He was all ready and we'd be waking up the household at 4:30 if we didn't leave. When we arrived at the Maui airport, we checked in and was bumped up to 6:00 AM flight (because we were there at 5:00 AM.

Just before we entered the gate area, I asked my mom for their passport. Last night, I placed those two passports in her handbag and told her not to take it out of there and not to mix it up with the other paperwork which she kept on organizing and re-organizing. Guess what? The passports were not in her handbag!!!! I was about to get a heart attack! I told her "I told you "do not take it out of your handbag!". But after I said that, I realized there's no use in blaming her because she's already in a panic. And so I just said a quick prayer in my mind that we'll find it quick. My thoughts, if we left it at home, we have plenty of time to go back and get it (or hubby can bring it to us). If it was in one of the luggage that were checked in, it would be harder to retrieve but it's possible. Thankfully, it's in one of the carry-ons (mixed with the other paperwork that I adamantly told her yesterday that to mix it up with). And so the passports were found and off we boarded.

When the plane is about to take off, she said "I need my pill...". She meant the pill that she puts under her tongue when she's having chest pains. Yikes! I didn't think about putting that in her hand bag! Thankfully, Tatay placed it in the carry on. The carry on was already in the overhead bin - I had to take it out, find the pill and put back.

I was not able to get the "companion" pass I was hoping to get so we had to say goodbye in the Gate Lobby Entrance (they had to find their way inside the terminal to find Gate 29).

Initially I thought the title of my post on this topic would be BITTERSWEET as that's how I feel about this whole thing (my parents going back home). But while I was at the airport, I was reminded of the scene in one of our favorite movies, LOVE ACTUALLY. It was the opening act - the airport scene. Thanks to YouTube, I am able to share that with you on the video above :)

I did not go to work today. I had to go home and sleep because I only had 3 hours of sleep last night. I need to straighten the house before my family comes home. Until my next post.


Katrina said...

That is an awesome scene--I love it!

CrankMama said...

It can be so hard to say goodbye to the peeps you love.

Thanks for stopping by my site AND for posting that scene - it's one of my favs!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a day! When your mother was taking a pill, I would have needed one, too.

I'm glad they got off safely, and that you didn't have to go to work.