Saturday, December 1, 2007

Waking Up at 4 AM And Getting Ready For A Busy Weekend

It's Saturday morning,I am supposed to be sleeping in. But my dream of sleeping in is once again thwarted by my body clock. My eyes opened up at 4AM, my mind started thinking about the many things I need to do and so no matter how hard I tried to get back to sleep, I couldn't.

This is going to be one busy weekend for us.

Hubby has a Hapkido Belt testing at 7AM today. That will probably take the whole morning for him. I'm excited for him. he's been taking this Hapkido classes every Tuesday and Thursday and this is his first colored belt testing. I'm sure he's pass the test.

At 9 AM I am going to a craft fair gathering at Jori's house. This is one gathering that I had always missed in the past, no matter how much I wanted to come, because there's always a conflict in schedule. This year I can make it there - yehey! It's a wonderful craft fair so I am going to bring my camera and take lots of photos for you to see.

At 11:00 AM I'm going to a Women's Group Luncheon at Hope Chapel. The ladies who put this together always do an spectacular job so I'm excited about this. Kathy Englert (wife of our senior pastor Craig) and Toni Spence (wife of our pastor Jason) are the speakers for this event. Both of them are every wise women and I'm looking forward to hearing them and learning from them.

At 6PM we have our Christmas Party for my work. Oh, this is a big event. Our bosses went all out this year - we are holding the party at Maui Prince Hotel! Aside from the excellent food, lots of fun times with co-workers, our boss Mark always planned this big "game show ala Price Is Right" for the employees. He's been working so hard to get this all organized, bless his heart. we also would have Derick playing the ukulele. It's going to be a fun night I am sure! And another thing I am very excited about is that tonight we will present our bosses a book that we put together at . The book is a compilation of photos of this Affordable Housing Subdivision project that we are currently doing. the book came out awesome! I tell you, I highly recommend - the quality of the book we did is excellent. I can't wait to see my bosses' reaction to this book. They'd love it I'm sure. I hope they are not reading this blog or I'll ruin the surprise.

On Sunday, we will go to church in the morning and then go straight to our kids' school because they have this Fair. It's a huge fair that the PTA hosts every year. It's a fund raising event, and I am always thankful for this because the money that they make goes to paying for the salary of the music teacher that PTA hired for our kids. You see, the Department of Education does not pay for a music teacher for our school, and since most (if not all) of us parents think this is something important for our kids, we decided to pay a music teacher ourselves. Back to the fair, G's Taekwondo school was invited to do some exhibition and G will be a part of it. The fair promises to have tons of activities for the kids. he giant water slide is one of their favorites. I can see us staying there the whole day!

Somewhere in between all these activities, I need to fold our laundry (I fold them weekly now); need to place that order for our Christmas card. I did a nice lay-out at several day ago I just need to place my order. I hope I don't procrastinate on this.

I promised my daughter that I she and I will watch Enchanted in the movie theater this weekend. I don't know where I'd fit that on our schedule, but I have to find time. It's very important that I spend a one on one time with her. It really is. Have you seen this movie? I heard great reviews about it - a family fun movie they say.

Oh, I was just thinking, we still have not gone to the mall this year to get the kids' annual photo with Santa. We need to fit that in our schedule today too.

There are so many wonderful events happening today here on Maui. The Christmas Fair at the Hui; the Christmas Fair at Waldorf School; The event st Surfing Goat Dairy, the Lavender Farm, etc. etc. I've always wanted to go to all these events but the first week of December seems to always be the busiest day of the year.

And oh - today is December 1st? that means it's my Parents' Wedding anniversay. I think it's the 45th. They are visiting my brother in LA right now. I need to call them.

December 1st today? Ohmygosh, I need to put candies on our advent house! The kids will wake up and open the door for Dec 1st and won't find anything in there - yikes! I've got to get something now! I also want to out in there a Bible verse for each day of the advent. Oh my - got to do this now too.

Lots to do! lots to do!

I'd be back tonight and will post a lot of photos.


Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

Wow- busy weekend! I was up at 4am too to go running ;) Have a great time & enjoy all the fun.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Have a great weekend Liza!

Kristen said...

You are busy!

We'll be looking for the pictures.

Azl said...

Hey, I started to feel some palpitations here while reading your blog!!! You must really be so excited!

Hope you had a great time yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Liza my head is spinning with all your activities. I need to turn computer off. Please enjoy this time but take it easy. Needless to say you always make me smile.
Your other mother Ernestine