Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hoppin' on the Treadmill

I'd rather be blogging that hoppin' on that treadmill. But I know I should. Afterall, regular exercise is one of my goal for 2008. No, not just exercising my fingers typing blog posts.. it's actually exercising my body until I sweat. See yah later!

I'm back. I decided to use this post to record my progress throughout the year. here's for today:

Time: 31.39 minutes
Distance: 1.653 miles
Incline: 3-4
Speed: 3-4
Burned: 240 calories


Julie Donaldson said...

You are an inspiration. I really should walk over to 24-Hour Fitness where we have lifetime memberships. My one serious resolution is to exercise. I hesitate about putting it on my blog, but it would really make me go do it wouldn't it? I also should exercise before even turning on the computer or tv. Having Netflix, Tivo and a blog are not helping me move my body!
Note: my Bunco group actually plays Bunco maybe 40% of the time. We put in $3 each. The hostess provides two gifts around worth around $5.

Anonymous said...


Jen at

Anonymous said...

You go girl! It is so hard to get that exercise in while working full time.......I am often....tired!! But I am working on exercising 3-4 times a week. I did about 2x a week in the busy month of Dec.
Here to fitness in the new year!!