Saturday, December 29, 2007

Another 15 Minutes Blog Post

It's 6AM already and got to do more chores. I'm giving myself another 15 minutes like what I did last night.

1. The Power of A Praying Parent. This year I'd be doing a lot of prayers for my kids as well as a couple of kids I "adopted in prayer". My kids are now both on the "tweens" age. This age used to be a "quiet time" of growing years, but recent studies now shows it as changing. The "tubulent years" of teens are coming on earlier and earlier and our tweens are being bombarded with a lot of pressures from everywhere (media as one of the culprit). Tweens is a very important stage of life and I would want to really "protect and nuture" my kids at this time. I am reading the book "Everything Tweens" and it is an excellent book for parenting tweens.

2. Wii are now addicted to Wii. For the longest time we held on to our belief that we do not want any computer games in the house such as Gameboy, PS2 whatever, XBox, etc. but we gave in this Christmas. We bought them a Wii. I will probably talk more about this later (I only have 5 minutes right now and I'm about to consumed that time...)

Now, back to chores!


Anonymous said...

have you ever read any of Stromie Omartian books?
she writes about your first topic and shes very good
Jen at

Tracee Sioux, Sioux Ink: Soul Purpose Publishing said...

Wii seems different than other video gaming systems.

It seems more gender-nuetral for one thing. Everything is not a race car or gun or fighter plane.

I want one. But, it's not the first thing on my list. When the kids get a little older they'll be half the price!

Scott said...

I hope your family has as much fun with your Wii as we are having. Even watching it is a hoot.