Monday, November 19, 2007

Blogging Away My Anxiety and Fears, Together with my Thankfulness - In Other Words, This is a Very Random Post

Monday morning, you know what that means. But it does not have to be... this does not have to be an anxious morning, so Father I pray that you will take this stress away...

* 40 Days with the Son - We're on our 6th day! Amanda and Heather joined me in preparing our hearts for Christmas in such a way that we'll be focused on the Christ of Christmas. It's not to late to join. Buy the book and join us. I wish I can post the text of each devotion, but since it's copyrighted I can't. But even if you don't have the book, the verses posted and the sharing will bless you, so please stop by and visit 40 days with the Son Blog.

* Transforming our lives - Our church is focusing on transformation. I think it's excellent. We had an awesome worship service yesterday, the all men local guys worship team rips! Oh, you should have been there! I'm excited about this series - I pray it will cause all of us to grow in Christ more..

* Kids in the Neighborhood - Several boys from a couple of blocks away from us started coming to our house regularly to play with G. I'm thankful for this. They have fun playing Nerf Guns instead of computer games. It's like in the "older times" when kids in the neighborhood gather to play pick-up games. Oh they had so much fun this weekend - boys playing Nerf gun wars - it was a blast.

* N's friend is moving - one of N's new bestfriend, T, who she hangs out a lot, is moving to Haiku. It's probably about 45 minutes drives from us compared to the 10 minutes drive now. T also has to transfer school so her mom won't her to drive that far each day. I know we are talking about keeping in touch and still doing the play dates, but I know that would be difficult.

* Desire to work less so I can spend more time with kids - this desire is burning within me but is having a difficult time gathering the courage to talk to hubby about it.

* Thankful for my family - I don't think I say this enough. I am very thankful for my family - for my immediate family and my extended family. I am truly blessed whenever I think of them.

* Christmas Card and/or Letter - We really need to be working on this. Oh Lord, help us not to procrastinate. Do you like receiving Christmas letters? I do! I know some don't. How about those picture greeting cards? I do too. I've been trying to get a decent family photo of us for a week now - it's not happening. Oh well...

* We are doing a 2 day prayer chain for our good friends T and D - a group of us are going to pray that they get pregnant. They have been waiting for 5 years. I am very very excited about this. I can almost hear them announcing - "we're pregnant"!. I know they will be - I can't wait!

* We watched Ratatouille last night. I was good. Kids and Hubby liked it. I was tired and fell asleep in most parts of the movie, but for whatever part I watched when I was awake, I liked.

* I am still sleep deprived. I don't now when I'll be able to catch up.

* Thanksgiving - we're inviting a couple of friends over. The Williams will be here - yay! B is frying turkey and baking his famous home made Apple pie from scratch, recipe from his Grandpa.

* Back and shoulder pain - I'm getting addicted to Salonpas! I am always craving for a massage...

Have great Monday - aloha!

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Anonymous said...

praying God is with u

how wonderful for G.

poor N