Sunday, October 21, 2007


Last Friday when I picked up G and N at church I noticed a huge wooden cross in the Tweens room filled small pieces of paper tucked on it. As I moved closer I realized that in those pieces of paper the prayer requests of each tweens are written. I recognized G's handwriting right away. I was touched when I read it. Here's what it says:

Please help my grandpa and grandma
to make a decision to stay with us.

I was almost teary eyed (I controlled myself because I didn't want to embarrass G). It's true, my kids have bonded with my parents. This is what I was hoping for when we moved them here. It happened and I am so glad. Grandparents are very important part of our kids life. I have lots of fond memories of my grandparents. Come to think of it, we were not really very close in terms of spending a lot of time together, and yet I know there's a special bond between us.

My grandpa on my mom's side died before my mom and dad got married so I didn't meet him. My grandma on mom's side passed away when I was about 12. My grandmother on dad's side passed away when I was 6. My grandpa on dad's side passed away when I was (approx) 9. You see I was very young when they passed away but I still have some great memories of them and I know they love me so much.

My parents are moving back to the Philippines. I don't know when but I know they will. It's ok. The important thing is that my kids bonded with their grandparents, they both felt loved - and that's something that no one can take away.

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Anonymous said...

pleased your kids had a lovely time with their grandparents

Anonymous said...

Special girl - yes grandparents are so very important. My times with my grandmother "ma" are among my dearest childhood memories. my parents were teenagers and my grandmother worried about me and would come and get me every summer on a train to spend time with her and oh how I still miss her. Your children will never forget the time spent with your mom and dad. I pray Gods will in everyones decision.
Love you

Unknown said...

Yes, grandparents are indeed important in a child's life. I am learning that more now with our little one. Hubby's parents live nearby, which is great. But my mom lives in PA, which is 12 hrs by car. She usually flies when she comes to visit, and can stay for a week or more. I know that those times are important for both her and our daughter.

Your children will always treasure the memories with your parents. I know I have many special memories.

Anonymous said...

My daughter miss her Lolo and Mama Mer--- my parents who are in the Philippines. She was only 2 when she met them and has been over 3 years since. We do get to see them as much as we want thru the "magic" of Skype from our living room in Boulder, CO. And that one time she actually met them had "bonded" them together.

Unknown said...

What a gift that they had them with you for so long. I hope your kids get to visit them often in the Philippines. Grandparents are such a blessing to us all.