Monday, October 22, 2007

Calling Lost Bloggy Friends

"Krrriiiiiinnnggg" (that's the sound of phone ring, I know it's not digital but I like it that way)

"I'm looking for some bloggy buddies of mine who seems to be missing. Are they there? Are they ok? They have not updated their posts for a while, and some of them, their blogs were closed. Hello? "

"Are you reading this post? If so, let me know you're ok?" OK, I'll mention some names. Link on my blogroll...
Digital Rich (still that 650 girls post...)
Second Timothy (blog taken out?)
Psalm 100 (blog closed?)
Poppycock (gave up blogging?)
100 Things (decided not to blog anymore?)
Quantum Leap (since Oct. 4)
Be Still (the sporadic boy:)
Buhay-buhay (still hooked with Facebook?)
and some more...

Just wondering how you guys are doing. Drop me a comment if and when you can.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aww. Thanks! I'm still here. It's just that work has been too toxic that I can't even sit down for a while and gather my thoughts to write a post. I will be posting something soon, hopefully. Lol! See you around!