Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Firestorm In California


When there's nothing I can do but pray
Then I will pray
I will pray for a miracle
I pray for rain
I pray that the wind will stop
I pray that no one will get hurt
I pray for containment of fire
I pray in Jesus' name, Amen.


Winds Ease In Battle Against Wildfire - this is one of the headline on Yahoo News. I'd take that as an answer to my prayer ... to a lot of prayers going around. I will continue to pray. I pray for comfort to those who are grieving for this tremendous loss. I pray for the exhausted firefighters, for renewed strength and safety. I continue to pray for the containment of this fire, that it will be over soon.


Anonymous said...

Im praying too
I was even more worried last night
I saw it on the news
and nearly cried
I knew one of my bloggie friends lived near there
I emailed her
shes ok thank our sweet Lord

but I still have 2 bloggie friends and dont know where in America they live Im praying they are ok
its really worrying

Mixednuts said...

I have been watching this in the Today Show and I really feel sad for all the affected families. My prayers are with them.