Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: No TV, Just DVD's

Before my husband and I got married, my husband decided to discontinue any cable or television network connection we have in the house. You see he has this tendency to be "glued" to television so he was counseled to get rid of it so that our first year of marriage will be focused on each other. Well, it's been 14 years since we got married and we have not had a television network in our home. Oh, we do have a television set to watch DVD's of our choice. The good thing about DVD is that we can choose what to watch and when to watch. We have a wide selection of DVD's including cartoons, Discovery Channel shows, etc.. Believe me, our kids are not deprived, it's good for them. And for us - well we do miss Monday Night Football, News, Olympic coverage and other shows such as American Idol - but that's when the newspaper, internet and People magazine fill us in :). All others are available in DVD.

Speaking of DVD, I would like to introduce you to a DVD set that just came out in the market. It's called Thingama Kids. It's great! Check it out here.

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Kathy in WA said...

We have the same story! My husband grew up without a tv and tends to be glued to the set when anything comes on. He figured that the best way to protect our family time was to keep the tv out of the house.

Like you, we have one for movie viewing but no cable network or tv.

Probably one of the best decisions we ever made. Thanks for sharing!

Duckabush Blog

M said...


We're on the same page. We too live in a DVD/Video only household. My DS has a lot less screen time than other kids this way and I can control what he watches. The big bonus is lack of exposure to commercials!

Ann'Re said...

We don't watch much TV...even DVD's ourselves. We don't have cable or a dish, and we only get two or three regular chanels on a good day. We don't own a very big selection of DVD's, but with the library and Netfix we can expand our viewing a bit. I think it's nice to have the control over the TV instead of having it control the family. :) Ann'Re

SAHMmy Says said...

Good for you! Wish I could do the same. I have outlawed TV during the day for the kiddos and myself, but when my sweetheart gets home, he's the boss! He works his tail off all day, so if he wants to kick back for a while and watch the game, no problem :)

Mom2fur said...

I couldn't imagine going without TV, LOL! It's our primary source of entertainment. I don't watch it much during the day...until about 4 o'clock when Paula Deen is on Food Network! I love just about anything to do with cooking, crafts or sewing. I'm a big crime-drama fan. But, except for Top Chef (cooking) and Project Runway (sewing)...I think most reality TV is really, really boring.

As far as the shows you 'miss,' maybe a friend could record things like the Olympics for you to enjoy at your leisure!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to peruse the Thingamakid site a bit more!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I thought we were alone in the DVD/VCR/No TV revolution! We cut the cable and went to c-band satellite in the late 80's. When lightening took that in the early 90's we sat down and decided there really wasn't anything we were missing, so we didn't bother replacing it. It's been 15 years without, and I think it's great. I so much happier and less stressed without the evening news, and I don't look at every stranger as a potential serial killer. TV really does foster an environment of fear.
On the flip side, I am now terrible at pop-culture trivia and folks think I'm deprived because I've never seen Lost or Desperate Housewives! LOL!