Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Works For Me: Support Groups

The other night we had one of those "Bad Night" at home, when from being a good afternoon, something happened and that something changed the dynamics of the night.

I almost blogged about it that night, but I knew I should not (and I'm glad I didn't). You see, had I posted that situation right away, I would have opened up "our family" to a lot of misunderstanding and misconception. In order to lessen those "misunderstanding, misconception or wrong perception", I would have to explain and give you (my dear reader and friends) the background of if all. But I was upset at that time, and I really didn't have the energy to type up a background story to vent. I needed to vent, I needed support, at that very moment.

And so I posted at Schwablearning Parent To Parent Message Board. I have been a member of that board for more than 3 years and so I have already developed "cyber friendships" there. It's a board for parents raising kids with Learning Disabilities, and so many of the parents there can truly understand, right away without me having to give a background, and without me having to explain in detail what the situation is. Many parents there can say "been there, done that, here's what you can do".

The point of this post is this: support groups are very important in our lives. VERY IMPORTANT. In whatever stage of life were in, we need a group of friends who can relate. Belongingness, closeness (with each other) and openness (allowing your self to be vulnerable) do not happen overnight, but you've got to start somewhere. It does not have to be a "cyber group". It could be a group at church, at school, at work, a formal AA group, a Mom's Playgroup, a marriage group, an exercise group, etc... The point in, we must invest time and effort to "belong" to a good support group.

Ahhh... there are so many things I want to share about the importance of a support groups. I don't think I can squeeze all my thoughts in this one post, so I'll stop for now and will do a part 2 sometime - sooner or later, most likely later :).

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Gretchen said...

Sometimes, just sympathy will never do. You need someone who has been in the trenches. Good for you, Liza, for seeking and getting what you need. And, I'm proud of you for NOT posting that night. That shows self control many of us wouldn't quite have. :)

Anonymous said...

Good point Liza about getting the support you need. It's so helpful in that time of frustration. Hang in there with your son......I have taught MANY LD/ADHD/ADD boys over the years and most of them turn out fine, after years of frustrating their moms,they turned out just fine! :)

mommy3 said...

Great post, Liza! Our Sunday service was focused on support (small) groups, so it was fitting to read your WFMW today.