Sunday, September 23, 2007

Love You So Much, Jesus, Love You So Much

Hear these praises
From a grateful heart.
Each time I think of You
The praises start.
Love You so much, Jesus
Love You so much.

How my soul longs for You.
Longs to worship You forever
In Your power and majesty.
Lift my hands, lift my heart,
Lift my voice
Towards the heavens,
For You are my
Sun and shield.

Verse 2
Lord, I love You,
My soul sings
In Your presence,
Carried on Your wings,
Love You so much, Jesus,
Love You so much.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this song

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting it with lyrics n all..this song is beautiful :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, It's wonderful song

ernestine said...

I love your song and would like to sing it at my church.