Friday, September 14, 2007

Kindred Spirit

I like the phrase "kindred spirit" (ok, it's probably not a phrase but just two words, but I'll use the term phrase anyway) . It's one of those phrases I seldom use but use with joy. It's one of those phrases that I know what it means, but if you ask me to define it, I would not have the slightest idea how. I just Googled this phrase hoping someone else have come up with a "definition", but the search was futile.

I guess the best way to explain it is to give an example...

A friend of mine here on Maui started blogging. And she is one of those I would consider my "kindred spirit" (one of a few). It's very interesting that she and I are alike in so many ways, and is "close" in a way, despite of the fact that we never really had a chance to be "girlfriends" because when we met each other both of us were busy working moms (we both still are busy working moms). We did not have the time to hang out, shop together, watch movies together, chat long on the phone, not even e-mail each other like "girlfriends" do. We don't see each other often. And yet, when we do, my spirit leaps, for I know I had been with a friend. A special kind of friend. We both have a love to serve God, we are both very devoted to our family (especially our kids), we both find journaling very helpful, we just have so much in common.

I was very excited the day when I got a comment from her on my blog saying that she's thinking of starting one (I don't know how she found my blog but she did). Of course I encouraged (nagged her) to do so :). She did! I held off on posting about it and providing a link because I was not sure where she's at in terms of wanting to have her blog "exposed".

I had been visiting her blog daily since she started. Today, she posted her "testimony". Now I know is the perfect time for me to direct you to her blog. I can assure you, her blog is worth reading, you'd be glad you visited her.

And so my friends, without further adoo, I introduce to you my kindred spirit friend's blog: Thoughts and Ramblings (by Lisa) :)

When you visit, leave a comment to let her know you stopped by.I noticed she still hasn't been corrupted into putting sitemeter on her blog, although she might have Google analytics that I don't know about :)

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A Dusty Frame said...

Kindred spirits are wonderful to find:)
Thank you for participating!

Lisa said...

I should tell you how I stumbled across your blog! One day, I wrote in my "to do" list to start journaling again. Then as I was browsing the internet that day, I was at a website that I couldn't figure out. Usually when I can't figure something out, I right-click, which I did, and as I read through the right-click menu, under Page Info, it had something called backward links. I clicked on it and found that I could see a list of who links to that page. I learned something new! So of course that made me curious about who links to Hope Chapel's site, and when I tried it on our site, there was Eryck Q, Rise, a bunch of intern search sites and Liza's Eyeview! I didn't know it was your blog, I was just reading along, and then realized, hey!...I know her! That was so exciting. Then I put the whole morning's events together, and realized that blogging could be my way of journaling. So thank you for linking to Hope's site. Otherwise, I would probably still be just thinking about starting to journal again! Hey, let's have lunch sometime!

A hui hou,

Liza on Maui said...

Lunch together sounds great - now when do we have the time to do that :) ?

check your calendar and I'd check mine. Yeah - we should MAKE time :)