Friday, September 7, 2007

Best Part of My Day (Night)

I had an interesting little conversation with my daughter N last night while preparing dinner:

Me: N, do you know what my favorite part of the day is?

Daughter N: what is it?

Me: It's our night time together - when we read, then pray, then I tuck you to bed.

Daughter N: Oh... I thought you were going to say "work".

I didn't know how to react to that "thought" that she had. Does she really think I love spending time at work more than I love spending time with them (my kids, my family)? Hmmm.....

I started this conversation last night because the other night while we did our nighty night routine, and after both kids are asleep I really started thinking about how these nightly routine of reading and praying with my kids is my favorite part of the day.

I do it individually (so each kid will have undivided attention). First with daughter N because she falls asleep earlier than son G. After dinner, I'd remind her to go put on her jammies, brush her teeth and go to her room. Then I follow her to her room, she reads to me a couple of chapters from whatever book she's reading, then I read some to her, then we pray together. The prayers most often reveal the concerns she has for the day, and we pray for it or about it. She also likes to pray this little prayer that was thought to them at Tweens class at Hope Chapel. Then I tuck her to bed, kiss her goodnight and tell her I love her. It's very comforting to hear her respond that she loves me too.

Then, while she tries to sleep, I sit on the floor, next to her bed, and pray some more. I pray for things like: Lord, I pray that your would protect her from all harm; that when she grows up and at the stage of having a boyfriend, that you would lead her to a "good boy" and that the relationship will be honoring to you, fun but they won't cross the line- you know, concerns like that, that I usually don't pray out loud with her.

After my "on the floor secret prayers", I'd go next to my son 's bedroom and do the same routine with him .. read, pray, tuck him in bed, and pray some more (this time I pray for a "good girl friend" for him when that stage comes that start having those relationships :)

Ahh.. I really love these nighty night routines. I am glad I told my daughter about it - otherwise, in her mind she thought my favorite part of the day is WORK.

I better have this conversation with my son tonight. I wonder what he'll guess my favorite part of the day is ...


Analyse said...

hehe, i find it cute that you already pray for a good partner for them, why is that?

Liza on Maui said...

Analyse , thanks for the visit and comment. Why do I pray for the good partner this early? (my dd is 9 and my son is 10) - oh... just looking around and seeing all the things young people here in US get into - high school kids (some now even in middle school) being sexually active, etc. etc.. - it concerns me quite a bit ;). Kids are our church are not even "immune" to these temptations - many teenage pregnancies (unwanted) around - ugh! breaks my heart.

Anyway, better pray early - it works! ;)

Kristen said...

I totally agree with praying for those things. God tells us to pray without ceasing, and it's never too early to start praying for those things!

Your nightly routine sounds wonderful!

Lisa said...

funny how she thought work was your favorite part. I better ask my kids too. I like work, but oh how I wish I could be home instead.

Liza on Maui said...

kristen, yes it's never too early :)

lisa, I know - it's funny but not funny. I felt an "ouch!" when she said that. Like you, I like my work but wish I could be home instead.

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful blog. Thanks for leaving such a kind comment on mine.
Nightly routines are still one of my favorite parts of life, even as the girls are a tween and teens. It fills my heart and soul and I thank God for all the blessings, despite the daily stresses. Blessed not stessed, is how I try to make my way down this path.

Julie Arduini said...

What a great post! You remind me, often my specific prayers for my kids and their futures take place during my alone time. You challenge me to pray more with them, not just for them.

Lovely blog!!!

Unknown said...

hmmm... really makes you wonder what goes on in our children's minds doesn't it? Maybe I better ask my kids that question. I think sometimes we assume our kids know how much they mean to us so we don't think we need to tell them. You can always count on them to give you a reality check every now and then though can't you? I can feel your "ouch"!

Kim @ TheBitterBall

Kathy in WA said...

Sweet post. I love the night time routine!!

Duckabush Blog

Anonymous said...

I love your secret prayer time. I'll bet it's comforting to your children to know mommy is beside them praying for them.