Thursday, September 27, 2007

10 Minutes Worth of Posting

I have 10 minutes to spare before I go to my meeting at my son's school. It's a good meeting - the final step into getting my son into that enrichment class. I think it will be good for him - I know it will.

This week I and the many parents at Schwablearning received a very sad news. We were told that the website is closing by the end of the year. There's an on-going thread on the board where parents are asking that the Schwabs reconsider. It will be a loss, a very big loss of support. I am waiting for further news.... In the meantime i keep on thinking about my vision for a Learning Center here on Maui. Basically, it's just the lack of time that's keeping from from starting it full blast.

I e-mailed my boss yesterday and requested for a one week vacation. I pray that I'd be able to used that time wisely...

My daughter's birthday is coming up. I need to get organized. Speaking of getting organized, on my vacation I'd be writing my goals for next year - what I want to accomplish and how I plan to do it. It's not too early. I read somewhere that September is really a good time to do this so that by January you gotit all set and going at the start of the year. Besides, once second week of October comes, schedules become too hectic until December to even think of writing down goals.

Do your kids already have their Halloween costumes? Mine do. N is going to be a lady pirate and G a ninja warrior. We're so into Halloween costumes. I am thinking of digging up photos of Halloween to post here - watch out!

OK, last one minute - what else should I blog about? Oh, I am once again thinking of reviving my "Something About Tween" Blog. The success of the Tweens Family Pool Party at our house inspired me to do this - wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

all the best for that meeting

hope you get that week off work

Kristen said...

Hope you have a great week off! We're trying to plan two days to go up to the mountains. Praise the Lord, I'm off for three days!

You are so organized to start your goals for next year.

Good thoughts for your son...

Anonymous said...

Liza, may your vacation be relaxing and rewarding. I hope and pray it provides you with the time you need to further touch those around with your God-given gifts...and yet also, the time you need for yourself.

Happy Resting deserve every second of it.