Thursday, September 27, 2007

ALS, and a Prayer Request (When God Seems So Far Away and We Are Angry)

Jamie posted about Keri and I couldn't help but follow her lead to help this mom. She is afflicted with ALS, and the news article about her said she's dying at the age of 29.

Reading the news article was a heart breaker. I could just feel her pain and her family's pain. But the most pain I had felt is when she said that she's angry with God because of all these things that are happening to her. I can truly understand why she's angry with God, and yet I also truly know that being angry with God will not help her in this circumstance. And so aside from praying for healing, for financial support, for comfort, I also pray that Keri would be touched by God in such a way that she would, without a shadow of a doubt, know that God loves her. I know... I know it's hard to believe and trust God in a circumstance like her... but what are the options - anger? bitterness? No, we must trust ...

ANYWAY, I did not mean to preach (especially not to Keri at this time). I am actually posting this to ASK YOUR HELP, to help Keri. Her good friend Jennifer created a website for her, to help Keri and her family. In the website you'll find out more about Keri and you also can learn more about this terrible disease called ALS.

Please go to Help Keri webpage - aside from donation, I think it would be helpful to leave some encouraging comments there, as well as to continue to promote that website in your blog so that others may know.


Tammy Brierly said...

Hi Lisa,
My heart broke into pieces after reading about Keri. I sent her an email to offer support and hope. Sadly this is the second young woman with a baby that I have been alerted to by bloggers this month.

I was 29 and single with two little girls when diagnosed. At 46 I have had time to make peace with my journey. Jesus appeared at my bedside at my lowest point( I was yelling for his help earlier). His eye's were filled with tears. He cradled me and said "I feel your pain and I am always by your side." He took my fear away.

Keri may not find this peace at the rapid pace ALS is ravaging her body but God will be there.


Liza on Maui said...

Thanks Tammy,
I knew you would be an encouragement to her.