Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sunday Scribblings: Decision

Decisions! Decisions! As long as we're living, we will always be faced with various situations that we would need to decide on. Some are minini like deciding what breakfast to eat in the morning, or what clothes to wear. Some decisions are life changing - paving the path to our "destiny".

Looking back, I realized that I have made some good decisions in my life that made my life better at this moment. Sunday Scribblings prompt made me think of some of those best decisions I've

1. Deciding to stay pure while I was single. The decision to remain a virgin until I get married pays off. I had the best, most memorable honeymoon. "Passion" is one of the best aspect of our marriage. It helped keep us together on some rough times.

2. Deciding to let go of Clay. This is one of the hardest decision I had ever done. Clay is my first love. Yet, he did not share the same "relationship" I had with Jesus at the time I fell in love with him. I had to choose. I could have easily justified pursuing a relationship with him, but I had made a choice to cut it off. Looking back, I know it's a good decision, but at that time, it was very painful.

3. Deciding to marry Honey B. B and I have a total opposite personality. We came from two totally different cultures. The decision to get married wasn't as easy as it seems. I decided to marry him and I am glad I did. Together with the decision to marry B is the decision to move to the US away from my family and friends. The decision to move to Maui is easy because it's a beautiful place, but the decision to leave my family and friends behind was hard.

4. Deciding to "stick with each other" and "seek counseling" at a difficult stage of our marriage. Even though our marriage is "made in heaven" (as I see it) - my hubby and I are humans...and humans are not perfect. Having been married for 13 years (going 14), we have encountered some trials along the way. Deciding to stay committed to each other during tough times is a good decision. Our marriage now is stronger and we're committed to staying married until death do us part.

5. Deciding to work full time in the ministry at the age when I was supposed to be pursuing a lucrative career. Working with Dain and Diana Wadley at A New Beginning and Harvest Christian Fellowship was a good decision. I had never regretted giving up a career for the ministry. Now that I'm back to working in a secular company, I am blessed with a generous employer and wonderful working environment.

6. Deciding to pay our credit card debts (check that link out!), no matter what it takes. Deciding not to file bankruptcy, but be faithful in paying the debts out, trusting God will help us do it. We worked our okoles off but we paid the debt off. It was a good decision.

7. Deciding to have kids - oh that was an easy one! I love being a mom :)

8. Deciding to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It's the best decision I made in my life.

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Regina said...

Thank you, Liza, for sharing so many of your best decisions! I agree with number 8! And my hubby and I go to marriage counseling as welll- even though we are doing great. We want to stay that way!

shauna said...

It's so good to look back and evaluate the choices we've made in our lives. It's help us to either get back on track or to keep plugging away.

I loved finding out that you're in Hawaii. I went to school at BYUH and miss it terribly. (I had almost forgotten what "okole" meant--thanks for that happy moment).

Tammy Brierly said...

Thank you for sharing some tough but faithful decisions. Thank you so much for your prayers!

Bless you!

Annie said...

some wonderful decisions. we can see crossroads in our lives when we look back at our decisions, can't we. insightful post. thanks.

Forgetfulone said...

Ah! Excellent decision-maker you are. Following your heart, your purpose, your faith. Having kids. Seeking counseling (The best thing my hubby and I ever did was attend a seminar called Dynamic Marriage at our church). And paying off credit card debt! Dave Ramsey's financial peace was held at my church, and what a blessing. Congrats on your wise choices.

Anonymous said...

Deciding to write all this for us is a good decision too.