Friday, August 10, 2007

High School Musical 2 - People Magazine Scans and My Random Thoughts On It

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my trip to Safeway where I saw and bought The High School Musical 2 Edition of People Magazine. Little did I know that that little post would bring a lot of visitors to my blog through Google. I mean lots! I am pleased to see that because I love High School Musical. So to honor those who visited my blog to view my post on the magazine, I embedded the above scans. I did not do it. I found it at YouTube. I thought many of you who missed buying the magazine would enjoy seeing that video (slide show) above :)

Why do I like High School Musical a lot? I think it's because it's "clean" compared to other so called high school movies. I still remember watching the American Pie movie with my husband several years ago (1999) and being so disgusted with the movie. My husband thinks it's funny but I couldn't get past it's too much focus on sex. Some may say "oh, but that's how High School is" ... oh no... not before...and not for my kids...especially not for my daughter. I want my kids to enjoy high school life without being too pre-occupied with sex like that movie American Pie portrayed. I dislike that movie very much. I was disgusted with it. But the "High School Musical"...I think it's great! It promotes self-esteem - being comfortable with who you are, teamwork, friendships and more. I love the songs too. Most are upbeat and easy to sing along. It is so refreshing and encouraging to see that this movie/DVD is a phenomenal success. Hopefully, other producers will be encouraged to come up with wholesome shows like this.

There was one teenage forum I visited when one poster was so annoyed that the others are soo goo goo ga ga over the High Musical. She wrote "why are you so excited about that - it's made for 3rd graders!". I had to smile at that comment because my dd, N, is in 3rd grade and she absolutely likes it. The thing is, it's not only the 3rd graders that like it. It's a lot of people from age 2 to 82. I am not kidding nor exaggerating. I've met some of those people...and I've seen them on forums too.

Just one more week before the showing of High School Musical 2 - we can't wait!

Oh my gosh .. I just remembered - we do not have cable!!! I think we'd be visiting friends with cable that Saturday night (August 17th, right?)... I'm pretty sure we will. We might even stay for a sleep over :)

OK, I know I don't usually get a lot of comments. But I'd still try this time. I mean, I'd like to ask you - do you like High School Musical? why? why not?


Kristen said...

My boys like the movie also, and have gotten made fun of in school for it. They get made fun of for a lot of things, namely that their parents are protective of them. I ask them, would you rather me not care? To which they answer, no. I have such good boys.

It's just so sad that kids are growing up so soon. I hope they make more movies like that!

raqgold said...

i cannot relate, sigh! am glad to know there are movies being made that are finally appropriate to the right audiences!

Cyndee@Riezzee's Place said...

My 13 year old really likes it. The music is what drew her to it originally, but the story has that romantic, underdog feel to it. The neighbor has cable and I am sure we will be among the thousands watching! (I am hoping that the 2nd is not a bomb).

Anonymous said...

My daughter is 6 and she loves this movie already. She's already blocked Friday nite to watch on TV (family network) the HS musical 2.

oh well, she is growing way too fast for me.

Gretchen said...

Drama Girl (going into 4th grade) loves HS Musical. And...even though he'd be loathe to admit it, History Boy (11), liked it, to. Granted, he doesn't need to see it 100+ times. :), but he liked it. I agree with everything you said, Liza. It's good, clean fun. Why not have some kids for our kids to look up to? No, high school kids aren't going to find it that entertaining (except for cutie pie Zac Ephron). But, they're watching "up" any way. They're focused on the folks they're looking up to. It's a shame we don't have too many shows for that age bracket.

BTW, I have to share, that while I don't love American Pie(and Big thinks it's funny!), he and I did meet each summer at band camp. And I did play the flute. :D The similarity stops THERE. LOL>

mommy3 said...

How funny I didn't see your post when I posted about HSM! My kids all LOVE HSM. Even my 18 month old comes running and starts dancing to the music.

Fortunately, the movie is wholesome and the actors (IRL) are pretty down-to-earth. I already have to tell DS to turn down the music (soundtrack) in his room and to stop dancing on his desk... LOL

And sadly, I'm more excited about today's HSM2 soundtrack release than DS is...

Anonymous said...

I was totally excited! I even changed my trips around so I could be home with Girlie Girl to watch it!