Saturday, August 25, 2007

God Hears Us ...

The other day my husband and I were talking about our new rental place...

Background: The tenants signed their contract 2 weeks ago but told us that their container from Virginia will not arrive until second week of September. They asked if they cam make September 15th the start of rental agreement. We agreed.

Back to our conversation the other day... now that we have some extra expenses here and there, we thought we probably should not have agreed to delay start of rental. It should have been effective the moment they signed the contract, whether they move in or not. and then we just said "Oh well..." Besides, the lady works with the USAirforce. Maybe it's a favor we did for her because she serves our country ;)

A day after my conversation with hubby, I got a call from the Airforce lady tenant asking if they can start the rent sooner (end of the month). Huh? Where they listening to our conversation?

We said "sure, we can't see any reason why not" :)

And so instead of losing the 2 weeks rent that we thought we're going to lose because we agreed for them to start the contract on September 15, we are not losing anymore.

God is good. He knows our every need and He provides.

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Gretchen said...

Such a lovely story about God's provision, Liza! Thanks for sharing with us!