Sunday, July 1, 2007

Weekend Update

Since this blog has been the best tool I have discovered for keeping in touch with my family, I thought I should consistently give an update of what's going on in our lives. Here's one for this week:

Tatay and Nanay - They are doing well here. Still a bit hesitant using the major appliances by themselves but I am sure in time they will learn. I think they are enjoying their stay as much as we are enjoying having them here. I finally was able to post some photos on the blog i started for them. I will go back later to add some commentary but I thought I better post some photos before I get blogged down with trying to come up with a post. Visit Tatay and Nanay's Maui Adventure blog here.

About Me - I jumped on the threadmill yesterday to once again try to do a regular exercise routine. I did well when I was preparing for the marathon, but now that it's over, I am slacking. C said there's another 5K coming up in August - I think I better start getting ready now. Hmm... I probably should be on that treadmill at this very moment instead of sitting here in front mof the computer exercising my fingers instead of my okole!

Family - Oh, we're all enjoying the summer. No school, no homework and just a more casual schedule despite the many parties we've been having in our house and attending. Today we're going to Kainoa's birthday party (2 yr old). Happy birthday Kainoa!

Friends - Our good friend Brett stopped by yesterday on his way to the airport. Sad, sad, sad. Yes, our friends, the Sowers, are really moving to the mainland and we're very sad. We'd miss them. I know we would. OK, I am teary eyed just typing this..... Oppss, this remind me I need ot finish up the scrap book I am making for them. Karen and the kids don't leave until July 25th. I need to get it done before then.

OK, got to go...

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Janice said...

Hi, Liza! Glad your parents and kids are all doing well! I hear you on the appliance thing. My parents won't even use their dishwasher at their house - they think it doesn't clean the dishes too well (but I think I agree with them).

Anywa, thanks for the tag!! I'll make sure to get the ball rolling over here! :-)