Saturday, June 30, 2007

Robo Tech Exploration

G attended the Maui RoboTech Exploration Program. The one week workshop ended yesterday and G wishes it's longer. He had a blast! G has always been into Legos, Knex, Tinker Toys and now Robotics. I agree with G, I wish the workshop is longer. He learned so much in this hands-on science and technology class. He thrives in this environment compare to the traditional school environment. There's another workshop scheduled on Oahu. Maybe we should check it out. I think I'll go to their website right now: Future Flight Hawaii


mommy3 said...

What a great program!! I bet my son would like that too. (GeoTrax is one of his favorites.)

Great photos. G looks like he is really enjoying himself!

Anonymous said...

COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what fun