Monday, July 16, 2007

I am Woman, I am Invincible, I am Tired

Our family went to Borders yesterday and when my 8 year old daughter, N, saw this keepsake book she told me I should buy it for myself :). I like it and would have bought it had we not bought too many book that day already. When we got home I was told by my dad that my mom has a bad head ache and is having chest pains. I will be posting a separate post about my mom's chest pains later. Right now I am tired (probably due to stressing out about my mom) and it's Monday morning (I hate monday mornings!). I am taking some time off to bring my mom to the doctor. Unfortunately, they are not covered with any medical insurance. I still have not figured out how to get them covered. We will have a full check up for my mom and dad. It will be a big expense because of lack of insurance. Oh well...


Anonymous said...

like the cover of that book
praying for your mum

Pat said...

Liza,do your parents have Medicare? Are they eligible for Medicaid? Those are your best resources. Otherwise, private insurance will be expensive if you can even get it. Also check with your Area Agency on Aging. They often produce a booklet that lists local resources. I use the one in my mom's area all the time. Another resource for referrals is the Eldercare agency in your area. They seem to be all over. I hope you find the resources you need. Blessings.

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