Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dog Days Of Summer Closed - Monday Maui Giveaways Opened

Inspired by the success of Shannon's "Dog Days of Summer", I have decided to make it a permanent part of my blog....

Since Monday is usually a "bummer"day for me, I have decided to perk up my Mondays by giving away stuff on Mondays. The idea is the same - I post wabout what I am giving away on Sunday night, you guys leave a comment on Monday morning letting me know you want in, and then I draw on Fridays and post the winner on the next Monday together with my new post of new giveaway for that week. I will only be giving away stuff that has "Hawaiian Theme". That includes Starbucks coffee gift cards because that card has Hawaiian Print on it (yes, the Hawaiian version).

I am thinking out loud and typing my thoughts as it comes. I still have to refine the guidelines but you get the idea. I'll try it for one month and see how it goes. I promise to have fabulous giveaways. Keep checking in .

BACK TO Dog Days of Summer, since Shannon already closed the linkies, I have decided to also end my giveaways FOR NOW. The picture frame with shells that I am supposed to give away today will be one of the first ones I'd give away on my Monday Maui Giveaway. Watch out for further announcements.


Pam said...

This sounds like a great idea. I'll be back to check it out.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea! :)

The giveaways have been fun! :)

Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

This sounds wonderful!! I hoe you give away lots of that coffee you offered. We found some a year ago and it was the best. I kept the empty bag so I wouldn't forget the brand!!