Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogging - Should Not!

I have tons to do other than blogging. I should not even be logged in. Just trying to get myself motivated to do what I need to do. And there are a lot that I need to do. Some of these I think I've already listed somewhere in this blog. Nevertheless, I'm going to post some of my to do's to get me going:

1. Plan next week's menu - I mean really plan it. Write it, Go grocery shopping. Prep it, and actually cook it.

2. Finish up Sower's Scrap Book. - I am procrastinating on this. Maybe because it's a reminder of them moving far away :(

3. Call Mom and see how she's doing (Hubby's mom). Work on the digital picture frame we need to mail her for her birthday. Want to know a secret? This digital photo frame is supposed to be a Christmas Gift! We bought it last year but never got to input the photos therefore never mailed. Yikes! Yes, we're bad procrastinators.

4. Mail card to Joseph. We tried this afternoon. There was a glitch.

5. Put away folded laundry. I should be thankful it's already folded (Thanks Nanay)

6. Give out invitation to G's birthday - This is another thing we're always late (sending out invitations).

7. De-clutter - Oh this is never ending! I know I need to be specific. Work a little at a time so I won't overwhelm myself.

That's enough list for now. There's actually more (a lot more).

Come to think of it... I should be thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight. And actually cook it.

OK, ok, I'll log off... (for now ;))

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Unknown said...

i love number one.. hahaha.. actualluy cook it! thats the most important part.. hahaha..