Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back To My Life Story

Watch out - this post may be long; or this post may be truly random....

As I had mentioned briefly on this post, this weekend was truly busy for us. And aside form the Harry Potter event, G's b-party (2 of them) and another Aloha Party (small kind) for the Sowers, another "happening" did make me tired over the weekend. I waited a couple of days to blog about it because I was afraid I might say too much (vent too much that is) and then I'd feel sorry later. It's about my mom. You see, she had that "chest pains" once again. And although I think it's really more of an anxiety attack (hypochondriac), my dad was still worried about her. The long and the short of the story is that on Saturday night Tatay talked to me and told me that Nanay said they should just go home. My dad feels the same. He said they feel like it would be better to go home because at "home" they can just go to the emergency room when they want to (lesser charges). You see, she was wanting to go to the hospital for the chest pain but I did not bring her. She also wanted to have the "pill" that she used to put under her mouth when she has a chest pain. The last time we went to the doctor, the doctor did not prescribe it. Well, I called the doctor to ask if he would please call in for that prescription. I explained the whole situation and he did. Unfortunately, the pharmacy was closed when I tried to pick the pill up. Needless to say, Nanay did not have a pill. One of our good friends has this homeopathic pill that they use (also to be placed under the mouth) and so she gave me some to use as a placebo for my mom. And then the next day (Sunday) I picked up the actual med. As soon as I picked up the "pill" that Nanay thinks was helping her alleviate chest pain, she felt better (even before taking it). So, Sunday afternoon, my mom is feeling better and now she doesn't want to go "home" anymore. What I am posting here is a short version of what happened. That is why I am tired. ...

Moving on to another topic, this night we said goodbye to the Sowers for the last time (they fly to Washington at 8AM tomorrow). We were ok when we were saying goodbye. But on our way to Walmart (right after we said goodbye) my son G cried...and cried hard. He said he's gonna miss his bestfriend C. It makes me cry just remembering that moment.

On Wednesday, the kids go back to school. I am not ready.... I am thinking of taking several days off for the "back to school" stuff. I hope I can.

Today is Kim's birthday (my co-worker). Our boss took us all out to lunch once again. How blessed we are to have such a nice boss.

With all the busyness and tiredness ... life is good. Life is good. Thank you Jesus.

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mommy3 said...

Wow, that's busy! Sounds like an emotionally draining weekend too! I felt so sad for G, it is tough to say "goodbye" to good friends.

I was N's age when my grandma moved from the P.I. to live with us. She used to get extremely homesick and would complain of "heart pains". I think from the intense longing and stress of change. I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!

I can't believe it's time for school again... !